Let modders use and download assets from CRSED game to enlisted mods. ( and how to potentially improve it )

so, i recently downloaded CRSED to view the various assets as i have only saw some of them looosely in the past.
but i must say, i’m not really a battle royal type of gamer, but i’m really impressed. by what’s inside.

for example, all the visual effects, the jetpack, the helicopter, the buggy car, animations, zombies and above all, the cosmetics.

and i’m totally on board with @tommyZZM wanting for more stuff from crsed for the editor’s of enlisted.

unfortunately, on CRSED case, the game is not popular as it used to or generally, of niche:

and it would be really a shame if it would close. because i see alot of potentials that could be used inside enlisted mods.

new powers, new themed mods, etc.

but, to displeasure of mine and tommies, we both understand that devs can’t simply import all the stuff from crsed onto enlisted due to weight issues of the space of the game for assets that wouldn’t really be used in the vanilla.

and, at the same time, i would be a shame not being able to put to good use such amazing assets:

most interesting assets that i saw and are in CRSED for enlisted

a buggy and helicopters:

certainly interesting for modern mods instead of having to use old and dated jeeps,

working third person camera with crossair on foot:


Fists Melee & generally new / advance / modern / older type of melees:

working flare gun:

working stun grenades:


zombies & monsters:

inventory systems plus bags:

all type of clothings that could be used for police mods, gangstars, civilian clothings, modern clothings etc:

( wearable cigar and glasses )

actual variety of traps:

but you get the point.
generally more hairs, clothings, features, systems and what not

Main Suggestion

hence, i propose the following:

create a folder that users can insert data, models, textures and essentially files that are from CRSED but could be loaded in enlisted.

we somewhat know it’s possible as we currently have working armors from CRSED and various pieces of heads inside our editor.

so, within this folder, modders would be able to load those assets and use them in the editor for our mods.
and for normal users, this folder will be used to place and download those assets. but after each play sessions, for example, once a player leaves the custom lobby, the game will automatically remove those assets for the players. keeping it light and organized.

without actually weight space, in order to avoid:


( i’m looking at you garry’s mod… )

what would be the pros and cons?


  • relatively easy for modders to drag & drop
  • find the new stuff in the editor
  • space free for the game and gamers


  • you’ll have to download each time assets if you want to join a sessions with those assets
  • will be somewhat more time consuming.

or, as a second method, add an addonpage in the editor and you tick all the stuff that you need and want. and then be able to use them. so it’s somewhat more regulated.
what the game will do, is to install those assets on your machine.

and create some sort of folder in a server that each time is getting accesed, it will download all files for players and then delete them once done with it.

so you don’t have to integrate them in the base game.

and… that’s all i could come up with. to be honest.

ideally, i just want some way to store crsed assets into enlisted.

because like the last time, we lost a few features and animations from crsed. something that i would like to avoid in the future.

i know it’s alot to ask, but i really feel like crsed features and items would enhance 10 times better our editor.

heck, i can already imagine mods with jetpacks and rocket launchers.

me, using assets for a police mode, rob a bank with the suits, add distinguishable civilians, use buggys and helicopters for modern mods, create a pulp fiction type of mod, etc.

possibilities are endless only if the tools are there.

and lasty, i would like to specify that in this folder, should only be possible to upload / use things from crsed.

and not custom made. i understand that those are also wanted, but due to the fact that those can become land mines, let’s just start with crsed assets.

and then move to custom ones.

thanks for hearing me out.

if any other modders have better ideas / solutions, let me know and together we’ll improve them.


We’ll need to backup the assets for CRSED before we get a surprise end of service.