Let Console players launch custom mod servers

I mean we can already play custom mod servers,so i don’t think it would be that much of a stretch to allow console players to launch their own mod servers.Like just have an option like pc where it takes you to the mod page and you can just click a button to copy the mod url into the game and launch it.Plus ofcourse just have the basic options that we can change of the server like number of players and number of bots


console players arent capable of such complex actions.


sadge :pensive:

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Issue is that consoles are Microsoft and Sony, If they dont give the possibility to Touch some Files it consoles wont be able to load such mods.


i would assume that they wouldn’t want custom texures and stuff like that with the mod on the console but as far as i know enlisted doesn’t allow custom stuff like that,no? Or maybe a solution would be to have mods that have been authorised by darkflow and sony and Microsoft are ok with them,or maybe i am just dumb and i don’t understand how this stuff works :-p

now that i read this reply again,i realise i am dumb lol.If they don’t allow certain files to be accessed i don’t think they will allow any mods to be launched as i assume each mod has to access those type of files.

Wow i just answered my own question


PS5 doesn’t even have a web browser… not to mention the one game that I only know that has minor mod support for Consoles is Snow Runner but that game’s mod manager for the game on consoles has a limit on how many mods can be enabled on it. unlike the PC version.

your better off just buying a mid-range PC to use the user-generated Enlisted Mod maps. Devs have said they have invested more time in the last major updates on making the game run way easier on low-spec computers.

Files should be able to downloaded to the server, yet it’s impossible because the devs are lazy, stop defending them @FastGT007

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You can save the data somewhere else. For example, memory.

You can save this information anyway, for example, current time, the player can already save his personal Settings and Profile data, the player can view the picture of the event announcement.

This may require dev team to change their low level code, which may not be easy, but it is still possible techniquely

Even if you make the mod data into base64 encode into the player’s profile data, this is an ugly implementation, but it is still possible

They didn’t yet tie the mod subscriptions to the server-side user data, the triggering of mod lanuching is still mostly coming from something local to the disk, if they add a mod subscription interface to the game itself, then the console player can subscribe and start the mods he needs to start, because all the mods are currently run by the server, which is means that player subscription is possible.

On the other hand, they may not want to have random unofficial stuff in the main body of the game, which may bring some legal risk, but I think it is still possible to recommend a select set of mods every week.