Later tier Japanese rifles

  1. ZH-29 with extended magazine
    Just a 20rd ZH-29. Just as logical as the zh29 in other factions(aka not at all but devs don’t give a fuck)
  2. Type Hei Automatic Rifle
    The much discussed prototype. Full auto 20rd Type Hei with both a bipod and a bayonet, possibly a gun shield but that would be a bit extra.

Terrible suggestion imho.

Very good suggestion imho.


Adding random prototype weapons that will be meta is never a good idea.
People simply don’t like that.
Still the alternatives are giving Japan Fg42 or captured M2 C.
Which isn’t good either, its only a matter of which one you hate less.

I think prototypes, rare weapons and so are inevitably for future.
Prime example is WT.

But I like prototypes I have never seen before a lot. Always interesting to see what could have been if…
So maybe I am just biased.


at this point and seeing that there are not a lot of high tier rifles for Japan I just want my beloved and better looking uniforms

[Type 44 Calvary Carbine]


Or, let the Japs have the advantage of terrain.
Do not make it balanced and give the Japanese the upper hand, this is what balanced the war in real life.


No need when you have Iwo Jima :smirk:

Well, I would not say that the war was balanced, particularly in the Pacific…


Not in a symmetric battle, which the Japanese lost most of the time. But only in asymmetrical warfare did they succeed in causing mass casualties. The shovel is the most dangerous weapon in a war; remember that.

Marine Corps University > Research > Marine Corps History Division > Brief Histories > Marines in World War II > Battle for Iwo Jima (
“The 36-day assault resulted in more than 26,000 American casualties, including 6,800 dead. Of the 20,000 Japanese defenders, only 1,083 survived.”

That is a Japanese k/d of 1.3

“The Americans suffered some 48,000 casualties, not including some 33,000 non-battle casualties (psychiatric, injuries, illnesses), of whom over 12,000 were killed or missing. Killed in action were 4,907 Navy, 4,675 Army, and 2,938 Marine Corps personnel; when excluding naval losses at sea and losses on the surrounding islands (such as Ie Shima), 6,316 killed and over 30,000 wounded occurred on Okinawa proper.”
Battle of Okinawa - Wikipedia

Combining the total troops knocked out from battle, they knocked out 88,000 soldiers compared to their 77,000 standing force. Most of the casualties came from the Shuri line (look up Sugar Loaf Hill).

Ill just link this here for you to watch for Peleliu



The Hei automatic rifle (Japanese name was Ultra-Light machine gun) was also tested with a 30rnd magazine, just as a side note.

In terms of the ZH-29 there were some in China, allegedly also locally made by the Nanjing Puppet Government (Wang Jingwei regime), but that wouldn’t justify them imo, least not in the Pacific.

I think people are making the “lack of late war rifles” out to be a much bigger thing than it is, the M2 Carbine being a standard issue rifle in Pacific is the much bigger problem imo (yes I know its supposedly not going to be there anymore after the merge).


Maybe this is just a pipedream on my part, but I genuinely think the ZH-29 should be saved for a Chinese faction, if they’re ever added.


Agree, but sadly I don’t think we’re ever getting the Chinese for political reasons (and I think one of the devs/helpers(?) said before that the Chinese aren’t considered).

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T20 and AS44, also the Fedorov: oh really man?

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Reminds me MoH: Pacific Assault

Yes, we need it!!
I want to see more Japanese bolt actions