Komrads, which squad uses this plane?

I have almost nothing researched in the Russian tree.
I’m hoping that this plane will be useable by the attacker pilot squad (215) but I fear it will be attacker pilot 2 (948).

BTW I never played Russia before or after the merge, only some custom battles, but somehow have a few things unlocked in the tree (BR 1 and 2), including a BR 4 tank???

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That is good news, tyvm!

that plane will be with you up to and including BR 5. its got everything you need


Those were the starting items from different campaigns. The br 4 tank (t34 85 d5t) was the free tank you got in berlin for soviets. Rest of your guns are probably pps 42s, ppd 34s, mosins, t70 etc that were also free in different campaigns

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il-2 is a good cas plane and has good aa weapons but is slow af so beware also if u like that plane u could use the il-2m that replace his bomb with 100kg bomb forged (2 of them can kill a tiger 2h)

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Thanks komrads, yesterday was a good day for me.

I started playing the USSR for the first time, aircraft research line first, after 7 entertaining battles I went from the first airplane until the first assault pilot squad 215 AAR and I got myself the gold order IL-2.

While doing so, I finished the 20k event giving me the USA radio squad.
Also I finished the event giving me the USA AN/M2 Stinger MG.

And there was more nice stuff…
Since I never started with USSR in 2,5 years of playing, I had unused surprises in my inventory.
2 event squads, 2 hero machinegunners, profile pic, vehicle decals, 2 PPS-42 red.
That enabled me to make a cool BR 2 line up and go straight into the fight.
Very nice since I could not even buy flasks, bino’s and AP mines yet.

BTW that biplane I-153 M-62 is crazy manouvrable.
I shot down a few Stuka’s, Bf-109, destroyed a tank with rockets and also shot down a Stuka with rockets.
Today I will be taking the IL-2 into battle.

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Soviet planes in general have some of the best flight models. (there are exceptions like Pe-2 which is a huge brick)

People just write them off because they cant aim their smaller bomb loads and big cannons.

Really strong Airforce, great fun to fly…pretty easy to get air supremacy


yeah the best part of soviets plane is that some of his best planes are low br ,su-2 bomber and p40-e are between the best of soviets tech tree

Since you are enjoying a new airforce. Might I recommend:

  • I-153 best starter in game and quite honeslty can punch up as high as you like.
  • Any Yak…Yaks just have great flight models all round. (nose mounted guns wreck)
  • IL 2. Will take a steaming hot dump on most fighters, let alone attackers (still great at BR 5)
  • Su 2 is great all round, But IL 2 is just so good already
  • IL 2 37, Probably the plane I have the most fun on in the game. Dumps on everything that gets in front of it and has the ability to do a few turns. This plane can kill more vehicles than any other without rearming.
  • La 7 is nearly unbeatable in the right hands.

Yes I know the P-40 is a favourite. But I generally avoid favourites. Very rarely play IARC 81, P-40 or P-47. I pick Anti Favourites (Anti Meta)

Video messing around in early fighters. very stable, smooth and can take a hit. A pleasure to fly.

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Thanks a lot.
So far I only used 2 planes from BR 2 and they are both great.
Cant wait to try them all.
It will take a long time, so much stuff to unlock, upgrade…
But all the battles I played so far with USSR BR 2 were fun and exciting!

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I pretty much unlocked the Entire soviet Tree in The IL 2s…lol (specifically IL 2, IL-2 37mm and Yak 9k)

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