Keep the promise of adding squad delete button

While reading the forum, I see few players resisting the option to delete squads, instead asking for the ability to hide them. I think this is also a good idea, but the squad deletion should too be added, allowing the players to either hide the squads if they have plans to use them later when they grind up or delete them from the roster. Because in the end, it will be a voluntary action to remove them. Just make sure that deleting them takes a bit of effort to avoid a situation where players come to the forum to complain about “muh finger slipped”.

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Selling the squad is a terrible solution. You don’t want it but we want to keep it. Why should we risk losing the squad


Or simply add option to buy all legacy squads once certain threshold is achieved.

Old squads are extremely useful in the matter of presets for different BRs. They can still be very useful to all players.
And if there was always possibility of buying them back, the option to sell them wouldn’t be problematic at all.


Then don’t sell it, what’s the problem. Nobody forces you to sell, your gameplay experience won’t be affected. Just because I sell a squad doesn’t mean you lose yours.

That’s a redundant feature for me if anything i would want more squads, japanese need at least 2 more assaulters so i could make some lineups for BR2 and BR4

That also would be cool, allowing players to buy squads, even ones they didn’t get to grind before the merge.

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