Ka-Chi is underwhelming for BR2

The Ka-Chi is Br 2, why?

It has a weak 47mm cannon, its HE shells are utterly useless and has no other means of defending itself against Infantry.

It doesn’t have armor, yes like all japanese tanks, but the parts at front and back should be hollow with actual armor behind it, acting like spaced armor. But it doesn’t, therefor it makes the tank weaker and easier to kill.

And don’t get me started on its awkward size, i’m sure it can float, but there is really no reason to put that thing at BR2, even more when you compare it to the american answer called LVT, which deserves to be BR2.


Its crew can equip good smgs like type 2a and mp 28 (50), meaning you can effectively make quite a powerful and very big assaulter squad.
It would not be good to put it on BR1.

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Lvt belongs in t1. It has stuarts gun and it is slow as hell + the armour is really bad


And they didn’t even implement the commander hatch properly. It’s a scam in my book

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i feel like theres no reason to use it over the ka-mi, slighty bigger cannon obliviously, but like…

no mgs? at all?

no way for a commander to pop out??

the fuckin HO-I cannon is 75mm and can struggle with fuckin stuarts, how is this 47 gonna fair any better?

kami floats and has all the answers to any of that, besides the Stuart (obviously) so its a real head scratcher

uh much better, because it has 77mm of pen compared to ho-i’s 49mm…you are going with a mindset of “bigger is better” when that really isn’t true especially for early BRs

well sucks that the only good cannon is a premium one then, really does, ha-go and ka-mi both have such terrible anti tank properties, only real value seems to be the machine gunner slot (or commander mg for ka-mi), but even that is scuffed as hell, i’ve only had any success with the Ho-i so i just assumed it would fair better

still 3 mgs, vs no mgs is very significant for the anti infantry part of tank, unless the 47mm cannon comes with Anti inf shells like the ho-i
which i just check actually and it does but i cant actually test them, givin how its 47mm i kinda just assume the payload is not impressive

you also should keep in mind that those pontoons does give some extra armor (don’t remember how much effective steel it will equate to)

There are a lot of examples of Japanese equipment being overtiered. I hope they overhaul their whole tech tree eventually.


i saw more of them before the merge, but every time i was playing with one on my team, it seemed like it didnt do much, especially becuase you have to be facing the thing your fighting for it it actually make any difference, and if you do that you have the stupid ass pontoons blocking half your screen, the real saving grace is that you have 7 crew, so you can get knocked around alot before giving up hope, but even then ehhhhhh, i dont know just not the best use of a tank slot when you have the same thing but smaller and more effective at helping your team