Just a couple of long term bugs I'd like to point out

First, the fact that all of my previously purchased US torso appearances have been stuck in the Pacific war for months now.

Second, is a bug involved with
a premium squad that probably hasn’t effected as many people, but annoying all the same, is that if you have fieldpacks equiped on any of the m8 greyhound squad, they float above the vehicle, in some cases obstructing your field of view through the Gunner’s sight…


regarding the cosmetics. you should make a ticket to the support team, and as far helper says, they do have access to stuff that you bought with tickets.

so, theoretically, if you make a ticket, they should restore your cosmetics.

p.s i should do the same, but it’s in such a terrible state ( the cosmetic system ) that i’m not sure i see the benefit of doing it. ( and lacks of motives )

as it goes for the m8, yeah, still present.

but you should make a bug report on the cr.


Same, I am lazy too Erika.


Yeah, I might try and let you know how it