Japanese aircraft aerial deployment

Does this game have some weird bias against the Japanese faction?

The Japanese faction in the low BR room still has no aircraft that can be deployed in the air

This is so unfair that I can’t imagine the developers tolerating it until now, the American faction can deploy low BR aircraft in the air but the Japanese faction can’t

Why? Why put the player in a battlefield that is unfair from the beginning?


That is a Very fair question. I believe the Japanese Japanese should have a air deployed aircraft.


I think it would be a lot more fair and fun if all aircraft would start on the carrier/an airstrip on land somewhere, in the pacific.
Then we don’t have to take this unique thing away from pacific matches.


Its just a not yet addressed symptom of the merge, all the American aircraft originally from the pacific campaign still deploys on the aircraft carriers. There have been several suggestions to fix this issue, such as this one by @Myrm1don


It’s less about bias and more about the fact the devs haven’t added any low tier IJA aircraft, and they insist on making every naval aircraft spawn on the carriers. This is something they force on both the US and Japan in the pacific, however it hits Japan harder because Japan has no Army Aircraft at low tier, or even just land based Navy aircraft like the J2M.


This is worse than prejudice, because it has been several months since the merger, and they still haven’t dealt with the legacy issues brought about by the clean merger, allowing players to suffer these unfair experiences. This shows that the development team is an inefficient organization.

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I’d like to see more IJA aircraft ingame. So far almost every Japanese aircraft has been a naval plane.


110% agree! Air speaking planes are necessary are high Mid/High BR.

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Yes and no. IMO they clearly dont care as much about Japan, wich is why we have shitty air craft and a poor selection of tanks.

They are just checking the boxes to make sure Japan can into BRV. This is why we have ridiculously over-tiered stuff like the Japanese semi autos, tanks and planes.

They add stuff to Japan as foot notes to every update and we get rarely get events. And when we do they put Standard Issue stuff as the prize, like the Chi-Ha Kai.

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There are only so many people to do the things. They have made changes that people have been talking about for years. Sometimes certain things are prioritized. Sometimes not the things that some people would like to see prioritized. However, just because something is lower in the priority queue does not mean it’s being ignored.

This only shows that DF is an inefficient team

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Guess that’s an easy judgment to make sitting behind a keyboard. Though unless you’re a manager in the software industry, it’s just your opinion.

Beside that, if they are either possessed of either malice or incompetence, do you think harping on it will change anything?

I personally have been impressed with how far this game has come since I played it for several months, back in 2018.

Just saying.

Players complain because they want the game to get better, unless you want to be a dictator and ban any complaints
You seem to have put yourself in the role of a game developer. Wake up, even if I recharge in the game, the money will not flow into your wallet
But this game gets better with the constant opinions and complaints of players. If you don’t just flatter the developer, you will get nothing, and you don’t even have their stocks
Obviously, there are balance problems in this game. Players put forward opinions, but they are ignored, so they are a little impatient and start complaining. Although there is emotional catharsis, it still hopes that the game will get better
Do you think you will change anything? Will the developer favor you and give you some flattery rewards?
Just saying.