Japan Tanks Balancing Discussion Thread

Let’s talk about Japanese tanks

I mean, it’s a classic:

37mm tanks should have received HE shells from the get go, as pitiful as it is.

either variant of Chi-Ha should have been a standard unlockable instead of premium (maybe base variant Chi-Ha as a standard unlockable, Chi-Ha Kai as premium and Chi-He or its derivatives as event rewards instead of Chi-Ha Kai? or Chi-Ha Kai as unlockable and leaving Chi-Ha where it is, give you early access to some better armor should you pay up). You could have easily replaced Ke-Ni with, for example Ka-Mi (if Yanks receive more armor, Japanese could have received more MGs with Ka-Mi and slightly more armor with Chi-Ha, it’s not like Ka-Mi is that good to warrant a space as a LEVEL 29 unlock). But alas, the last part is just me dreaming about something that could never become true.


I think the other comment already explained what could have been done with the tanks already present on game I will say that sooner or later we need counter tanks for what the US is gonna receive, if they receive the M4(which they are going definitely) the Japanese should receive Type 3 Chi Nu because is the only feasible option, if they receive the M3 75mm the Japanese should receive Type 1 Ho Ni and so forth so on, of course there are some compromises to history accuracy on all of this, if GB ever receives the Matilda that saw combat during the Burma campaign(maybe I’m mistaking) then the Japanese will need something to even scratch that thing you know what I mean? But that’s the problem Japan doesn’t has the best options for this and adding Chi To, Chi Ri is already crazy to think about so we will see

Since they’re only facing light tanks at the moment the Japanese tanks aren’t overmatched yet.

The type 97 at rifle can already ruin any American tankers day, plus they get 2 rocket launchers that can handle heavier armor.

Tanks aren’t just about fighting other tanks: in the anti-infantry role they could use better control of their machine guns, instead of having to change seats in some (one?) Tanks. More usable machine guns in general would be very helpful. I don’t know if much can be done to increase the effectiveness of the 37mm guns against infantry.

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I disagree, since something like Ta-Se is literally their starting equipment.

They all seem pretty trash except the last unlocked tank with 75mm.

Everything else has paper armour and weak guns.

If i could skim them i would.

We’ll get another 2 vehicles with 75mm.

But you are right, they’re at best mediocre. But it’s definitely fun to play them from time to time.


I just wish there was a Chi Ha that wasn’t locked behind a pay wall. It’s ridiculous that you can’t play one of the most iconic Japanese tanks without paying. That’s like if you had to buy the Tiger or T-34.


Yeah, it was extremely lame decision. I completely agree. They should just discontinue this squad (like many other premiums) and put it properly into tech tree. Same goes for Firefly.
And I’m saying this as an owner of both vehicles.


cough cough…you didn’t hear about this from me but there’s a Chi Ha with the regular tech tree camo on the mods editor, and it wasn’t there before so maybe in the future…


Or the StuG.

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Thats very cool, I hope that’s confirmation we’ll see tech tree firefly as well.

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I believe there is room to add the following tanks to the higher BR . For BR3 or BR4, the Prototype Type 4 Ha-To (300mm mortar), for BR4 or 5 the Type 4 Ho-Ro (15cm class heavy howitzer), for BR4 or BR5 the Navy Long 12cm (Type 10 12cm Anti-Aircraft Gun), for BR4 or 5 the Prototype Type 5 Ho-Ti (15cm howitzer), and for BR4 or BR5 the Prototype Type 4 Ho-To (12cm howitzer).

Since the Ho-Ro, Ho-Ti, and Ho-To could use shaped charge anti-tank warheads known as Ta shells (with 140mm penetration), I believe this makes them eligible to be positioned at BR5.

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I don’t know but if we get this tank in the tech tree I might use tanks for the first time. This is my favourite low br Japanese tank in war thunder.

This is a Necro post but the fact that Chi-Ha and Chi-Ha Kai are behind a pay wall is detestable! A total spit in the face to all players who want to play japan.