Japan Suffers

Japan sucks, It suffered before the Merge, now it suffers more now.
The Research tree of the Japanese is extremely hollow, and spaced out, especially in the vehicles department, where theres a gaping hole in Br 3.
Japan needs more firepower, and its not a problem of historical accuracy, because the merge essentially allowed the Sherman Jumbo into the Pacific, so why not dish out prototypes, like the Ro-Go Heavy tank, which would still suffer, just less.

ROCKETS, AND HE, They have them in War Thunder, why not in Enlisted?
Sure the HE is useless in War thunder but it makes a big difference in Enlisted, the only starting vehicle with HE is Ta-Se, and its horrible at killing infantry, let alone aircraft, its main job.

Adding more Zeros or Light Bomber Crafts, some Zeros had High Explosive Rockets, for both Anti-Armor and Anti-Personnel, this would really balance out the lack of such in the Japanese tree, along with this is bigger bombs, or more bombs as most Japanese planes are grossly underclassed in payload, making them purely situational.

Please do something about this before Japan becomes a dead Nation army!


All they need are Spigot mortars and terrain that favors them like irl. It should really only be hell for Japs on a few of the outer islands. They need to stop artificially balancing the maps and make them how they were during the battle to get the Japs to win.


The American tree is still dominating Japan in every aspect imaginable, thats why Japan full of bots now, Im sure it wouldnt hurt to add better weapons that reflect on the US’ Arsenal


As they did in real life, what the Japanese had to their advantage was the shovel. No matter how better equipped the enemy is, if the map favors you, you will win if you and your team work together. But right now, none of the maps are favorable for the japs…


I only played three matches (since still working on squad management stuff), but of those, I won two convincingly and nearly won the third as Japan.

The thing I’ve found with Japan is that it is very emplacement heavy. You need to try and use shovels and build up fortifications to wiggle thru, use boats to flank around and whatever other advantage you can use to win over the US. it’s hard mode but fun imho

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japan also focused on making shitty submarines because the navy was better at sucking the big 6’s dick


Sir, there is no time to build or dig because the Americans are already at the point. Devs need to make the maps larger (make them like the real thing while they are at it) and need to show all the points and future points on the minimap.


Yeah, it really is reliant on emplacements, and fortifications, but when its in a domination match, it really doesnt matter anymore, when your goal is to both Defend and attack, the Americans just have better caliber all round

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Japan had better Bolt-Actions, Light Machine Guns, and… uh… uh… I guess that’s it.

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Don’t forget honor



That might be the worst, most inconsequential and inane argument for keeping an entire faction basically playerless.

Play defender-oriented maps and read about Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Come back to me then.

Iwo jima map would basically negate the most toxic aspect of US faction - CAS/hvar spam.

10/10 Jap player would love it.



Some flyboys fools such as I just love when the enemy spam planes. They’re so easy to spot with rockets :sweat_smile:

(But yes I really get your point :sweat_smile:)

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again, bad argument for keeping a faction in a VIDEO GAME unbalanced, unfun and without players.