Japan Struggling After Merge

My experience playing japan has been as follows:

Pick Tier II to use authentic Japanese gear: Get spawn killed by Air spawn P-38 Rockets, then continue to be bullied by downtier T3 Shermans all match barely being able to fight back, while getting shot by rifle grenades and mortars in every cap.

Pick Tier IV to use the stuff I grinded to unlock: Get obliterated by Jumbos. Enough said there.

Aside from heroics from some players on my team in these matches, there were barely any way of coping with the enemy equipment. Sure I can destroy the Sherman with my AT weapons, but if my team is never alive to maintain a frontline, a lone rifleman is enough to stop that effort.

I was optimistic about the merge, and my first matches yesterday were quite fun, but this is not looking good anymore.


A faction that was only in on campaign and lacked playerbase even before merge, is doing worse when split into two and when facing probably most populated side.


They should fill us teams with same amount of players and rest with bots, but they are too ashamed to admit no one wants to play money spending simulator


There have been many suggestions in the forums in what could be done to improve it, so I suppose I just have to limit my self inflicted torture of playing Japan until they implement some of them.
Quite sad to be forced to stop playing my favorite faction since its not fun anymore.


The number of players is one aspect, but balance is also a very important factor.
Apparently they messed up the Pacific campaign
The U.S. military has many unreasonable advantages. For example, Jumbo, P38, and P51 can be born directly in the air.


This reminds me of how War Thunder dealt with it in the early years
That is to separate the Pacific Campaign and enjoy an independent matching mechanism.

Sounds like Normandy except you can’t even fight back

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Well that’s just funny as i remember taking of from carrier in test server in my P-47, guess they changed that and now japain is double fucked

Devs don’t care about balance, they care about money first


Oh the rocket planes are shit and maybe should be a higher tier. But after unlocking the HO-I and giving all my boys the Faster Shell Loading perk, I’ve been trouncing tons of yanks. I won most matches as the Japanese yesterday.

Not tested Japan after update but I’m expected to lose now?
To me it seems to almost impossible to lose now what i have played after the merge.

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