Japan Event

I wish suggest a japan event, it’s more than a year when japs get one and americans have for at least 6 or 7 events lmao, I know japs aren’t a loved faction but well…I feel a bit sad…



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Whats wrong with them getting a new event?every time there is a topic involving something positive for germany or japan,you give a one word answer and some abrasive comment on the matter,which brings no value to the discussion and is just rather annoying.


ooh an event where the Japanese team is nuked or are destroyed by Kong, and Japan calls Godzilla to destroy us if they win,

what an idea for april’s fool!


There is still a long way to go to give Japan but with people like you I feel that we will not see such a thing soon


Okay then,whatever you say. :roll_eyes:

Yes they do,there are a lot of inconsistencies in the japanese gear compared to the US,especially veichles,and do us all a favor and get grammarly or something.

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Germany has 8 events squads, Japan has 3. With no BR 5 event or premium squads, hopefully Japan is given something to make it a more exciting faction to play in the update.


It would be awesome if they got a great semi-autumatic actually there was a discussion the other day about Thompson and I mentioned these

or these

For SMGs

and for AR event squad


I’d rather have a proto weapon than literally copy pasted another faction’s most iconic weapon.


Yep, same goes for the Japanese Tiger. I don’t know why people are begging for it, if you want to play a tiger, just play Germany. I Would rather have original Japanese tank like Chi-To and Chi-Ri than lame copy pasta honestly.


me too

I dont know what to call you guys so lets start by ADAM

OH yeah pls let us know which proto Adam! there is only one AR japan tried to make and that was Type 2C or better Type 2 (6.5) which no picture exist only documents of it and best guess thats gonna be for tech-tree so yeah that’s that no problem but don’t jump to the gun on the idea of STG in Japan as event is bad , cause that might be the second and last AR that Japan might ever get .Oh yes there is also [ Madsen M1902/04 but thats a MG and DF showed with SIG KE-7 that even if the community wants something to be AR they will not do it(SIG KE-7 is MG and they decided with the next major update its gonna be added as MG)

Because that will be the only viable tank in BR 5 and for making it unique they can give another ammo you dont except that Chi-to and Chi-ri 2 to be able to compete with any of the BR 5 tanks (especially JUMBO and Superpershing and even pershing) both of those have 151 pen which is less than Tiger E and H1’s pen in game with around 165 and Tiger 1 cannot pen Jumbo so dont except these to be anything but a steping stone to get to Ho-ri which has 200 armor and not 75 mm armor which is even less than that of PZ IV G,J,H if I were in the shoes of devs I would put them to BR 2 or 3 at best right yes there is HO-RI but thats a tankdestroyer and with superpershing that thing will become obsolete and even tiger E will not be able to pen that so you will have pre HO-RI situation for Japan so you might ask if even Tiger will become obsolete why ask for it ?
Because beside Ho-ri prototype which is less powerful Ho-ri which we have in game thats the other tank worthy of BR5 and its in WT and not something we came up and you might ask why it has to be in WT? Because in last 3 years we’ve only gotten 2 tanks that devs modeled (Doubt it infact I think they asked WT team to do it for them)
So yeah thats why we gonna see a Japanese Tiger its not if we but rather when we?

Though if they wanna model some tank I welcome them I would love to see Heavy tank No.4 and 12 cm Ho-ri 2
Heavy tank number 4’s turret as stationary defense


well not that it matters who am i gonna convince devs I bet they are too lazy to even look at this suggestion anyway


thank you for aid me to explain things fellow japan enjoyer

Tiger is definitely not better than Ho-Ri. Plus they could still add O-I.

Idk, they could just use shielded variant of type hei auto and classified it as AR.

As far as I know, it uses the same ammo as fedorov. So it shouldn’t be problem.

welp, it’s something I gues, I was expecting…something more than a pistol, but ey we got something from a long year of wait lol

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a pistol and a picture
last American event 2 pistols and a picture so yeah

for me the event would be pistol and portrait,then second part would be a versiok of that rifle with shield and last one would be a reward of that shielded rifle give players a prototypeif a grenade to attach your rifle,like an evolving reward :>

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