Japan and U.S\Great Britain are F**Ked this patch

So, I’ve been playing the test server, and my opinion is U.S\Great Britain get bodied way too hard in Normandy and Japan gets bodied way too hard in the pacific Japan literally has few if any counters to the M4 and its variants and Tiger II in Normandy is near unkillable with the ridiculous nerf to the 76mm m1 of not giving it an APC shell and Air dropped bomb fuses being too long. I haven’t played Soviets Vs Germany yet and frankly I don’t care too I don’t like either faction.

Because BR isn’t enabled on test server, buddy.


BR system not active. Wont be like this


The test server will feature the new currency, research trees, and even some new weapons and vehicles. The updated matchmaking is disabled in this test - it will be released with the update.

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Seems like a bad idea.

but it doesn’t change anything. The US does not have a good weapon to fight the Axis.