Italian shotguns

I’ve made a post similar to this one for Japan. Did Italy use any shotguns during the war

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According to Wikipedia, no.

This list is super incomplete but, i think its accurate on this one. Never heard of any shot gun used by italy during the war.

your linked source is unreliable, it only lists common and well known weapons that were used on a large scale.

It was a quick Google search. I don’t regard it as truth.

Well I could find one shotgun but I doubt it was used in war

Sicilian Lupara sawed-off shotgun
I quote Wiki
Lupara is an Italian word used to refer to a sawed-off shotgun of the break-open type. It is traditionally associated with the Sicilian Mafia for their use of it in vendettas, defense—such as its use against Benito Mussolini’s army when he decided to break up the Sicilian mafioso network—and hunting

Italians had the creme of the crop for shotguns :stuck_out_tongue: