Italian “Folgore” paratroopers perks

What perks do you guys run on your Italian paratroopers? And why.

Currently I’m running…
-40% vertical recoil
Medpack speed
Shot spread

Not sure what to do about the remaining perk options,
Run speed, jump height ect

How does the shot spread perk work? I never noticed a difference tbh

Honestly I have no idea but there’s only 2 points left for weapon handling after I take vertical recoil so I just left it

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I would take stamina regeneration instead of the shot spread, and for the last perk, run speed.

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Speed of extinguishing fire is a must since they’re para-flamers.

This is my top-boy.


I don’t even use flamer very often, it’s near to useless.

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Far from useless, but I prefer the “Assault” option (ZB-26).

Another thing, for some weird reason I struggle massively with the sights.
Pick the left tip most of the time :sob:

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The fuel runs out pretty quickly

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I’m torn between run speed and jump height

Bro what lol.

you struggle with the zb 26 sight or og43 sight? im a bit confuse on what you mean

Complete trash in comparison to classic 4 men premium ones.

Yeah and $45 cheaper…we all know the game is pay-to-win

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Do the math properly.


I guess you’ve been slaughtered on your poor console against players who would’ve beat you up even more with regular squads than their gimmick premiums.

There’s only 3 dubious premium squads in this game:

Flametroopers in Tunisia
Thompson 100 Drum mag paratroopers

The rest is far worse than what a f2p can compose.

i see for me it decent but yea sometime it is hard to see the sight


You could’ve bought Battle Bit instead of wasting it on an Enlisted squad lol


We were literally talking about the tunisia flametroopers. Go shill somewhere else

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I bought battlebit, played it once…the blockyness kills it for me. Would have been better used on another premium squad :stuck_out_tongue: