ISU-152, M26 Pershing and IL-10

it is clear that after the introduction of the Tiger 2 H into the German ranks, the inferiority of the Allies in tank-to-tank duels was evident. The IS-2 has good firepower, but it is too fragile and is often easily destroyed even by German medium tanks; same thing if not even worse with the M4A2 76 (W), which probably wouldn’t even be able to damage the Tiger 2. The P47 is a good alternative, but the Russians don’t have an aircraft with the same firepower and capability to support ground troops with the IL-10. After the merging, the introduction of the ISU-152 and the M26 Pershing and perhaps a load change with rockets and a bomb for the IL-10 would not be bad. How do you see it? Wouldn’t it be more balanced like that?


I want all those things, just because they are cool

But ISU-152 can come with kursk :smile: , elephant too


Dont worry sooner or later those veichle can be added in the game after the merge, with the tree all kind of equipment can be added

@Myrm1don i want my ferdinand


I don’t think ISU 152 will help much, it is way more fragile than is-2.

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IS 2 1944 too fragile to what? Legit the only gun that can actually deal with it reliably is the Kwk 43 88mm

Oh yeah add ISU 152, please, so you spend twice the reload time the 122mm has, and germans can get Jagdtiger

The german doesn’t even have equivalent to P47D or IL 10, give German Planes Panzerblitzs


And lower tier german tanks dont suffer from the same issue when facing lower tier russia?
Basicly everything can pen them but stalinium only with the correct gun and angle?
But adding the F2 to moscow was a terrible thing now as MUH stalinium could be somewhat countered?

Fair point

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The ISU wont help much more than the IS 2 but would be even easier to kill. If USSR need and even heavier tank as " the IS 2 is to fragile" than you would just flip the roles again but with USSR ontop.

My opinion as well. Necessary for balance? I don’t know (maybe a bigger tonk for USA)

Necessary for fun? Absolutely!

I’d like other not really useful but certainly fun vehicles like the Sturmpanzer2 snd KV2. And Bruuuuuuumbar while we’re into silliness!!!


Simply the ISU-152 oneshot every axis tank. Fragile or not, it is perfect for avoiding the constant spam of German tanks, without having to bother the IS-3 (which would be exaggerated, espousing the balance on the Soviets like 2 years ago). I believe the ISU-152 is the right choice.

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There is no need, simply because the Tiger 2 H oneshot any Soviet tank. There simply is no need to counter Soviet tanks with German planes.

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I wanna see kv-2 demolishing tigers in berlin

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I would really like to see the T-44 (100) and the Panther F as event unlocks for the Soviets and the Germans respectively. With the tech trees incoming the possibilities are endless. I guess we are going to see a lot more levels for the other factions in-game other than the Japanese before the merge. This was also hinted in the text announcing those new unlocks.

Mmmm yeah how convinient right?

First thing first, you are asking 2 counters vs 1 tank that you need to get it in end game, compared to the Soviet T34/85 which can one shot 90% of the german tank and most of them without even aiming, is unlocked for the first tank squad of Berlin, and the fact you didn’t mention the soviet can also use Panzerfaust which can goes right through Tiger II H is just funny

  1. the Fact Tiger II H exist is due soviets asking for IS 2 1944… now you are asking for ISU 152, go do it, and see what happens

  2. Germans has no planes with rockets in Berlin, and the Normandy one are a joke compared to the US one


True, dangerous game as Germany could get a Jagdtiger which has no counter whatsoever.

I still think that Soviets could use something better to fight the King of tanks.

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True, except the usual bombs.

But these bigger and more fantastical machines come with some pretty undesirable trade offs which make them less of a problem IMO.

While they might be fearsome to other tanks, they become less so to infantry.

Massive reloads, fixed guns, sometimes no mgs, slow and too big etc etc

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IS 2 is overperforming, while still sucking at the same time. Its armor is increadibly strong and bounces shots it would in no way be able to.

However, its penetration is also not too amazing.

But the biggest weakness is still the long reload speed, by design of the game it will cripple you.

Even the strongest gun in the game willl from time to time bounce because there are situations where shots will deal no damage because of the weird damage system.

Ju 188 A-2
Df 110 G-2
Fw 190 D-12


Just give PTAB -2,5-1,5 and all the problems will go away

Unlikely even if they appear - gonna be the other way around 9/10ths of the time.


Mmmm wonderful, I don’t see any of those with 10 rockets + a 500lb bomb

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