Issue downloading mods after using mod editor

I started working on a custom map and loadout on my office PC, testing it periodically, and the next day when I tried to download the mod from the Enlisted sandbox I received an error. I also started receiving errors when joining any modded server, or when viewing a replay. I also can no longer see the list of mods I had downloaded previously, that menu just appears empty.

Clearing my local appdata, checking files, and reinstalling the game have all failed to solve the issue.

Today I switched over to my gaming PC and started working on the mod here, a few hours later when I tried loading the mod in-game off the sandbox for third or fourth time, my gaming PC started suffering the same errors. Now my gaming PC can no longer view mods, download mods, or view replays. I again tried clearing out my appdata and reinstalling but that didn’t fix the issue.

I’m getting a mix of the following 3 errors:
[E] Subscriber ( call failed, target VM = 00000200EC8CB340
[E] prog\gameLibs\quirrel\http\sqHttpClient.cpp,336: Failed to call HTTP request callback.
[E] Failed to call squirrel function (CustomMissionState.nut:47)

This is my first time using the mod editor so I’m not sure if am I doing something wrong. Does running the mod editor install some Windows service in the background that if you don’t disable will break your game’s ability to download mods?

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It’s weird and something new. First time hear about this problem. I know that some VPN may cause problem with mod downloading. But it usually prints http error message (not error message/loggers). Mods Editor shouldn’t affect to game and custom matches. Even you open game while edit map.

So… Before then you start create maps everything were fine and custom matches works? Maybe you something change on PC/your connection?

Thanks for report about it in CBR!

I hope that you also added logs from .logs~enlisted folder and screenshots are from Screenshots (they contains some info for logs).

I do have a VPN on my office PC, currently turned off, but I don’t believe I have one on my gaming PC. Mods have always worked fine. I play in a lot of custom matches for versus games where we use custom mods.

The only issue I’ve had with custom matches recently is at our pick-up game last Saturday when I was hosting the games using a few different mods that all allow any faction on any team, the lobbies kept forcing the teams to be axis vs allies but when someone else tried hosting the same mod the teams were correctly open to any faction.

The screenshots are from the game screenshots folder though they were meant to capture to the error message but didn’t seem to. The .clog files I uploaded are from the .logs~enlisted, I uploaded three of them, two from my office PC to go with the screenshots and the most recent was from my gaming PC.

Thanks to @ShepecOne the issue was solved. The problem was that I was storing examples of custom loadout profiles in the userGameMods\ folder. We believe the game was trying to load the example_profile.json’s as if they were mod information jsons and, rather than skipping the bad file and moving on to the next, would just break and throw an error.

Uninstalling the game didn’t solve the problem as the game does not remove your userGameMods when uninstalling.