Is this a wirbelwind without the circle thing?

Sorry if you couldnt see since this game mission was in the night but is this a wirbelwind without the circle thing? I actually dont know if wirbelwind ever build without their circle thing so i am here to ask since it a cool vehicle that we could probably use in enlisted right?

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oh so those thing are gun shield ok

I just hope that we get an extensive tree for flak vehicles because Enlisted if it’s going to do a tech tree is going to probably have to have extensive trees since they only have like 5 to 6 years of combat if they stay in WW2.


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I’d rather have too many vehicles than too little

that one has been sitting in the editor for quite some time:

but barely functional. as the turret does not work. and cameras are fucked up.

so… it might come at some point.
or maybe not…

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looks great. Hope they give it some camo tho

It’s call of duty 1 or 2… ?

cod 1
i dont remember cod 2 having this vehicle tho

Good ol cod1.

When all tanks were big cubes. They all took 3 shells from anything to explode and regular hand grenades damaged them, because…

“Base assault” remains to this day the funniest multiplayer mode I ever experienced…