Is there a way to select multiple objectives through a drag and select or something similar? [ Editor ]

so, i have a part of the map that i would like to move instead of remove.

already baked rendinsts so to speak.

so i was wondering, is there a way where i can select all of them, unbake them and move them around?

and not through the rendinst tool of instancing just to select around the first selection?
because with higher rendinsts above 8000 my editor crashes

( i could section it, but i would lose coordinates and it’s original map / distances. which i would like to avoid )


if not, oh well…

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and not through the rendinst tool of instancing just to select around the first selection?
because with higher rendinsts above 8000 my editor crashes

You can unbake all rendinst within notepad++.

Replace all “game_rendinst+enbaked_ri” with “game_rendinst” without the quotation marks.


This should work vice versa.




i have to unbake the already placed rendinsts in the map, unbake them, and then move them around.

but there are like, alot of them.

especially fences, which often do not get picked up by the " instance " selection.

and… i don’t really want to lose alot of time behind it.

so i presume that’s a no. right?

Yes, and you can do that by doing what i replied above. Deleting the +enbaked_ri part from every rendinsts makes them unbaked aka selectable.

Or maybe try this one:

with this command


but its very buggy and barely functional


thanks anyway.

i suppose i’ll have to waste 4 hours trying to unbake everything and hope i didn’t missed anything manually ffs…


It actually may help with it. It will unbake all your enbaked rendinsts. Because when you do enbake rendinst then it got enbaked_ri postfix.

in the scene.blk?



not really.

the baked ones are part of the default map ( the ones that i’m talking about ).

i didn’t placed those.

Ah. I trought that you put many rendinsts and then Enbaked them.

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yeah i couldn’t have worded more pourly than that.

sorry fellas.

but i was trying to say, i need to select parts of the map, unbake them, and move them around with the same distance / spacing and all of that.

which, i tried to do by selecting stuff and instancing every building.

but for some unknown reason it does not work on fences, or isoleted objects next to it.
( like, it doesn’t include them in the selection. and another issue that i have with that issue, other than being time consuming, is that when i have above 8k rendinsts selected my game freezes )

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Can you sent example or area that you want to unbake? I want check it later.

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in the protocol editor / moon map,
i wanted to unbake the small city inside one of those shields with the plaza ( not the destroyed one in the middle ) but it has alot of buildings and concrete walls.

the one with the church so to speak.

because i was gonna include it as a background and what not.
or eventually use it in my battle of the bulge mission.

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I have unbaked it for you:

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why you can, and i can’t.

Making different type of maps forced me to come up with certain methods. One of them is how to get ALL the rendinsts (include fences which are indeed annoyingly small). :wink:

It’s simple though; Just create an oversized rendinst, press within and it won’t miss anything.

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what do you mean

i mean, i know what you said,

but… how.

it crashes for me when i try to select more than 8k rendinsts

For instance:

Take this huge landing platform:

Move it to the location you want to copy/delete/whatever:

Select it then press within:

And you have all of the rendinsts inside the sphere.

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