Is it possible to randomly trigger an artillery that targets random positions

In my mod, i want some air stikes that are called by zombies, and they would try to blow up player’s defense. What i want is bomb raider air strikes that players are required to defend against or else they all turn to ashes.
I ask because i see bots in the game can call artillery with their radio operator

Probably easiest way: use custom profile and add 2 bots in settings. In custom profile give only radioman squad. I’m not sure that you can give radioman abilities to zombies or bots, because it’s looks like resticted to ai squad behavior.

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I will look at a radio operator’s code the ai tank thing.
I want the air raid because there is no way we(or the devs) would be able to make AI aircrafts any time soon

Well… You can create any plane flying from A to B areas, but i’m not sure about bombs/rockets.

For that need only write +plane_spawn_in_air+ai_aircraft+ai_aircraft_crew_ger in Template Postfix area and then create any plane. You can config ai_aircraft__flyPos as final destination (but plane will always tying reach this point even if already reach it).

Oh so it will patrol that area

I wonder if i can use zombie_ai_vehicle_tank_spawner and modify its thing to dont care about the objective id to spawn the plane.
I will try later.

This is the real tricky part of the puzzle. They dont need to be accurate. Actually they can just do something like suicide bombing/striking that i set the flyPos to be on the ground somewhere. That might be also ok.

But anyways thanks for the info.
At least i now know AI planes does exist (why dont they lol, there are literally bomb raider planes and paratrooper planes in the game and i just literally forgot about them lol)

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Erm how do i spawn them. I mean i used this code to make them spawn like ai tanks but the problem is obvious - they are planes and spawning on ground will blow up lmao.


  ai_aircraft__flyPos:p3=14.0, 15, 206.0

Well… I have no idea, but try to check zombie paratroopers.