Is it possible to counter the 105mm Sherman with tier 2 Japanese weapons?

I mean effectively counter, not “you can destroy every tank with a TNT pack”. Are there any ways to reliably destroy it when it’s camping from the grey zone? Because it feels like a Jumbo of tier 2 to be honest…

Type 5 rocket launcher is BR 2, so yeah


It’s a superb infantry killing machine, but it doesn’t possess armour piercing shells.

As such only lighter vehicles are vulnerable to them. Problem for Japan is most of their vehicles are very light and vulnerable to overpressure…

But, the trusty reliable Japanese AT rifle (gundam canon) can work. So are both rocket launchers.

But in case of doubt, bomb the thing…

Long 75mm
(most of the turret)

Short 75mm
(magic spot on the track)

(commder tower)

You’ll need a lot of time to aim, so the way to kill a camper is to become another camper


Ho-I and Ho-Ni destroy Shermans pretty nicely. At rocket launchers are at BR2 so you should also use them.

Don’t think that works reliably - you are only penetrating the track shield, and not even entering the tank

TNT is very effective on Pacific maps. But I understand it’s good only for active players. :man_shrugging:

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Don’t you see the screenshot?
(And this is the way how PZ III N destroy Sherman for a long time.)

The Type 5 Launcher is great, the tanks are… eh… bad until you get the long 75mm

I don’t trust the shooting range, empty vehicles perform differently.

bruh, you can put your squad into the sherman and test it out.
Although i haven’t tried it on HO-I actual combat, this tactic has already existed in Normandy.


Yes, it’s perfect if you have to run up a hill that the Sherman is on and sees you perfectly. Especially when said hill is in a grey zone.
So effective…

Finally some good advice:) Didn’t know you can kill the Sherman with a 47mm through the commander’s cupola, that will help a lot, thanks.

Not enough to kill the Sherman directly, but enough to kill the crew in the turret and deactivate the main gun


Type 5 rocket launcher and type 97 ATR(from side)


Regardless of whether it’s empty or not, you can penetrate the weak point and detonate the ammunition

A plane if you can get the team to spot it. The problem is another one will likely spawn right away. It quickly becomes AT Simulator 2024.