Is it possible to access older scene files?

so… this lovely piece of an editor,
yet again deleted my scene.

with all the positioned stuff and what not.

i tried to restart, but most of it it’s gone.
so i was wondering, does the editor makes backup ?

if yes, where can i find them?

edit. It wasn’t enabled :upside_down_face:

Accidentally deleted folder with mod?

Should be inside userGameMods.
If you enabled option in settings image.
But yeah… It do only one backup.

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Happened to me, had a scene with every single rendinst in the game, the editor bugged out and deleted everything (only empty scene remained).

Best advice here is to always make backups of your work regularly.

it’s the third fucking time.

luckily, for the first two, i had some back up.
( thank god. dunno even why i copied them )

but this time…

i have a primitive backup.

right when i was about to publish.
opened it to see a code, closed it.

played a bit, and then gone.

Fss why does that happen?!

Would be nice if you sent scene that lost some information after save. Would be good if you sent it to me in private messages. Because for me it hard to reproduce this bug. Even if I save scene.blk with ±20mb size. So problem probably not because of file size or entities amount.

Does you used editor actively and for long time and after that saved scene?

Some entities may disappear if you save scene after or while you playtesting it.

Maybe also there is another one way: put code that you not plan to edit inside another file. Code for main scene.blk:


This let me load map with +91k entities.
(In game save limit is around 65k entities, rest will be saved incorrectly).

Problem only one: all these objects inside another scene file will be created as [generated] entities.

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Yeah this is especially useful when dealing with lights

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You should find this interesting:

“grid” map of all 16994 rendinst in the game. It crashes the editor.

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i would.

but the code got wiped out :upside_down_face:

I’ll remind devs about this problem later. If you don’t plan to create destroyable lights then you can create new entities without tag or create base_spot_light entity with postfix as basic light entities (for example +light_flicker_updater_light). But yeah… There is problem: It will be undestroyable for all game.

Interesting problem. Thanks. I’ll try found what exacly cause it and report about it to devs.

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Sorry to hear that :frowning: It is worth thinking about more frequent backup. Personally, I almost always put all the code into the backup file after few saving (and also do entities sorting).

yeah well,

i took some precaution with a small program that will save and create different backups.

and i started to use prefab for everything i do.

it seems missions above 5 mbs, starts to make things disappear


this is beyond my understanding.

why in the hell should things disappear when i’m actually playtesting them ( to see heights of objects, see if i can shoot underneath or what not etc ).

anyway, now that i think about it, the mission that i sended you ( winter gold ) did happened a few times that it would wipe it self.

prolly because game can’t handle all the terraforming and grass eraser.

so once again i’ll have to cut it in multiple parts.

because mission is above 3 mbs anyway…
which, unless they upgraded that you can upload and play smoothely up the 3mbs, it’s gonna be another issue. ( as far as i’m aware. i can upload up to 30 mbs, but it will still play like shiet or stuff will be missing )


there are no work arounds.

i was wondering, i remember that there’s a tool from WT called " simplify blk " or something like that. you’d recon that would work / help ?

or maybe i should distribute size accordingly and let the entities do the heavy lifting perhaps. ( for example, maybe i should make soldiers through entities, that would save me some lines )

but… now that i think about it, that’s about it. unless i managed to reproduce prefab into the entities ( which i doubt. and prefab are not recognize by entities ) idk,…

i still have to figure out many things though…

Disappears only if you save game, because some entities may disappear during testing (for example you destroy some rendinst or kill soldiers and then save).

I’ll try to do something with your maps in weekends. Maybe I’ll found reason why save doesn’t work properly sometimes.

Same there. I’ll try check some your maps with +3mb size in multiplayer. And also try find limit. Because multiplayer currently time can’t handle +90k entities. But there was probably happened timeout while I was trying to join.

Currently time can’t tell anything about it. I just don’t know and not sure.

This should help reduce the load.

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not at all what i meant.

which that’s just a mildly inconvinience.

i was more talking about the fact that it’s beyond my comprehension of how the editor can somehow remove ALL the assets and only leave the terraform and grass eraser changed.

but the rest wipes it all out from the face of the earth.

i believe you already told me that.

caused by the excessive use of terraform and grass eraser.

which i believe @Bazsi37 had the same problem, and Enginya specifically mentioned to use the least as possible the terraforming tools.

but i could missremebering.

as it goes for the map, luckily i made several backups.

but in the end, i can’t even open it :joy:

i need to use my friend rig to open that up.