Independant British Tech Tree

Enfield No.2 Mk I*
Webley No.1 Mk I
Welrod Mk II
Inglis No.2 Mk I


Tier 1
De Lisle Carbine
Lee Metford Mk II ———— [Premium]
Enfield P13

Tier 2
Enfield No.3 Mk I
M1917 Enfield ——— [Premium]

Tier 3
Enfield No.4 Mk I
Enfield No.5 Mk I ——- [Premium]

Tier 4
FH Model 1908 —— [Premium]
Vickers Peterson

Tier 5
Howell Auto Rifle
Charlton Auto Rifle


Submachine Guns
Tier 1
Sten Mk II
Sten Mk III

Tier 2
Sten Mk IV ———-— [Premium]
Sten Mk V
Lanchester 32

Tier 3
Lanchester 50
BSA Welgun ———— [Premium]
Sterling 32

Tier 4
Sterling 50 [with bayonet]
BSA Model 1926 ———- [Premium]
BSA Model 1929

Tier 5
Vesely V-42
Vesely V-43 ———— [Premium]


Light Machine Guns
Tier 1

Tier 2
Vickers Berthier
Bren Mk I ———- [Premium]

Tier 3
Bren Mk II
Lewis Gun (47)

Tier 4
Lewis Gun (97)
Vickers K (60) ——- [Premium]
Bren Mk III (100)

Tier 5
Vickers K (100)


Tier 1
Vickers 6-ton Type B
Daimler ——— [Premium]
A13 Mk II

Tier 2
Crusader II
Matilda II ——- [Premium]
Crusader III
Valentine IX

Tier 3
Cromwell I
Cromwell V ——— [Premium]
Churchill V

Tier 4
Churchill VII
Firefly ————— [Premium]

Tier 5
Black Prince —— [Premium]
Centurion I


Tier 1
Hurricane Mk I

Tier 2
Hurricane Mk II
Spitfire IIb
Spitfire Vb ———— [Premium]

Tier 3
Beaufighter Mk 21
Brigand ————— [Premium]
Spitfire Mk IX

Tier 4
Mosquito VI
Mosquito IX ——— [Premium]
Spitfire XIV

Tier 5
Hornet Mk III
Spitfire Mk 22


Tier 1
Two-Inch Mortar
Boys Mk I AT Rifle

Tier 2
Boys Mk II AT Rifle
Lifebuoy Mk I Flamethrower

Tier 3
Three-Inch Mortar

Tier 4
Lifebuoy Mk II Flamethrower

Tier 5
4.2 inch Mortar


I will gradually add pictures and specifications into this post so make sure to look through comments

The Reason UK should have Independant tree is because of few logical reasons

  1. Imagine of all this content was to be slapped into the allies tree. You’d be grinding a single tier for ages

  2. UK has plenty of stuff for its own tree

  3. It won’t ruin the match maker. It will improve it. It will still be matched on same team as US creating US / UK vs Germany matches but now there will be options for Independant UK vs Japan maps such as Singapore, Malaysia , Burma without U.S. involvement and then specific U.S. vs Japan maps. Etc.


this is actually an american weapon not a british one

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It’s premium now



How is splitting Allies player base against Japan into 2 considered as an improvement?

Prototypes and post wars.

No thanks.

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To me seems that devs don’t care and for good reason, too if you are uncertain we can always ask Tokyo arsenal or As-44 I guess devs think this is not a HA game which it isn’t and they are right, as an authentic ww2 game with enlisted mechanics would not be a fun game as seen in the game design just need to look at D-day to understand that, it wouldn’t work when put in HLL and vice versa putting Utah Beach from HLL wouldn’t work in enlisted, about centurion they can always add centurion P-1 to 20 which were finished and tested before the end of the war like RD-44

UK, just like Japan and Italy, doesn’t need tier V as it would be full of prototype or alternative history weapons and vehicles. There are no good things about giving tier V to these nations, just disadvantages.

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In my opinion, :point_up_2: this is literally the worst weapon in the entire game at the moment.

Can someone prove me wrong?



We already get prototype and even post-war weapons

We don’t have any post-war weapons in the game.
But the fact that Germany or the US have enough equipment for five tiers, doesn’t mean that every faction should. It is technically possible to do with UK, Italy and Japan with enough mental gymnastics and double standards, but this would set the precedent that would ultimately stop the game from growing further. What tier V weapons would you add for Poland, China, France or Finland when these countries will ultimately get added?

No one forces dev to implement them as independent countries. They can just be sub faction.

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Are you OK with the Soviets fighting in Normandy or Germans in Pacific then?

Because implementing “sub-factions” will result in the same exact level of absurdity. And it already does - what are Italians doing in Moscow, Normandy, the Bulge and Berlin?

They are already wearing German uniform in those scenario, if we change the face and voice to German. It will have no different with German troop using Italian equipment.

If your argument is historical accuracy then that went out the window long ago. Like since this game first started long ago.

We already have prototype weapons. We already have soldiers and factions and vehicles and weapons from different campaigns and theatres in theatres where they shouldn’t be post merge.

We have been waiting for this split for ages mate…

And the Italian too btw.

Such a shame, I would like to see a future where the 6 mayor participants of the war are equally represented in the game. Its definitely possible, ive seen the proposals for independant Italy and Britain tech trees and they are definitely viable.