Important things promised with the merge and not received

There were many things that were promised with the merge and undelivered, and I likely forgot many of them, if you remember and I missed feel free to add on to this post. This is a reminder to darkflow about their promises to us for when the merge comes. First off,making the cost of squads lower, they are unaffordable right now. Secondly, the event squads as retribution for deleting the Stalingrad assault engeneers, which you could keep the soviet one because engeneers can have Avts, but no, you can’t have the German one, so those 15 different MKBs you bought are now useless.third, the squad slots for premium squads,pretty self explanitory. Like I said, I probably missed a ton of stuff, so feel free to add the stuff I forgot to add.

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Just wait for the event before ranting…

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There WERE events before, you know? :wink:

They never said that was happening on release of the merge.

The MKB is useless but not for the reason you’re saying. It’s useless because it’s a T5 weapon with the StG which is a better weapon in every way, therefore there’s no reason to ever practically use the MKB.

They never guaranteed this was happening on release of the merge.

Read the news posts carefully next time

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I do notice some premiums less …matilda used to cost 45€ now its around 34€ i think

Italian moschetto used to be 25 and now its around 19

someone correct me if im wrong

I never said these things were realeasing with the merge, it was just a reminder to DF to keep their promises

Yeah prices for (I think) all premiums were reduced quite a bit.

Which… should have been done a while ago but oh well.

No, unfortunately not, the PPT27 squad is still 15 dollars

Ah nevermind then. But to be fair $15 is low by enlisted standards so the makes sense.

Yeah, 15 dollars for a 4 man squad thats weapon is worse than the PPD34 should not happen, low tier fun shouldn’t cost that much, the price for the MP18 squad was okay for what you got ($8) and it is a fun squad to play.

I don’t have either but yeah I heard the PPT sucks even for what it is.