Immersive Paratrooper Loadouts

Personally I’m the kind of player that prefers to use faction appropriate stuff. That means when I play as the British I only use Lee-Enfields and won’t even touch Garands. In fact I find it laughable in Normandy when I encounter Americans with Lee-Enfields, Stens, Brens, and PIATs.

The same goes for Paratroopers. Various Paratrooper squads have a mish mash of loadouts. For example, the Normandy British Vickers K squad has the Bazooka as their AT loadout, and the American Thompson squad has the British Two-Inch Mortar. This makes me only choose certain Paratrooper loadouts because I prefer them being immersive to the squad

I think the most perfect Paratrooper squad is the Tunisian British BSA Welgun squad. Every single one of their loadouts is entirely British, even the grenades and mines.They are fully British

I think they should make all Paratrooper squad loadouts be immersive for their country. So for example, the American Thompson squad has the M2 Mortar, the British Vickers K gets the PIAT and British AT mines, and so on and so fourth.

Of coarse this could be solved if one day we’re able to customize Paratrooper loadouts ourselves, but for now I think this would be a good compromise


Current lodout use campaign gun but it would be nice if after the merge were is possible their lodout become national and not factional, even let the player select the crate lodout would be nice


Seconded. Plus I would also want to have the option where my American machine gunners are not using British grenades, ammo pouches, mines, flasks, axes and what not in Tunisia. I wanted to keep my British and American squads distinct. But since there are no American radio operators for the Allies in Tunisia I had to keep a British guy in my sole American machine gunner squad. I don’t even get to transfer the event swords which I had saved up for the Americans in Normandy to Tunisia. Breaks the immersion for me a little bit. Hopefully, all these things will be fixed after the merge.

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I love paras, but yeah the loadouts are not what i imagined, which stops me from using some of them

My favourite being the fallschirmjagers as at least they have their fg42, which is iconic, even if they might have too many.

Wanted to love the british ones. But would have prefered stens, brens and enfields.


I think, players themselves should assemble the box.

What if the American paratrooper squads had the 30 round Thompson instead, Y’know just for historical accuracy.

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oh i like that pass out the flamers to other german drop troops

Immersive is US using M1A1 Carbines and M1A1 Thompsons with 20rnd mags… not frickjng 100rnd and 35lb MMGs for the British Para

At least the German Paratrooper make sense using the FG42


I would have absolutely no problem with that and they can get the big guns in the box

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I will not lie, I do agree with this.

the FG-42 is a 20 round automatic/Semiautomatic rifle.

The Thompson 100 round? a full automatic SMG with a semi automatic mode.

fg-42 can’t really land on a point and wipe it out all that effectively, Thompson doesn’t even need to get it’s box to be effective.

The issue is, The devs can’t change the main weapons now without major backlash from buyers.


Whenever I try to drop onto the point AND someone there sees me coming, I almost always get immediately squad wiped regardless of which para squad I’m using.

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That is true, it’s just 100 rounds just seems absurd

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing those 20 rnd mags for the Thompson