Imagine if #2 ( the new soldier class)

Welcome to My own section in the forum “imagine if” where we are going to discuss about if X thing is removed, added or rewored in the game

The topic is about which soldier class do You think that Will be added to the game as it was mentioned in the post of major

I’ll waiting for your opinions below : )

Also don’t forget to suggest me which Will be next topic that Will be discused in
“Imagine if #3

I’m hoping it’s some sort of Ranger/Guard/Jager that retroactively becomes the home for automatic rifles. This would cap every faction at one or two squads that can run automatic rifles, and in fewer numbers than the current riflemen squads. This would remove automatic rifles from basic riflemen and maybe some utility troops, removing the ability everyone currently has to cycle x3 9 man squads of automatic riflemen.

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Also its a way to balance the high tier games but not good at all because what Will happen to the silver’ve spent on 9 rifles x squad (if we are only using rifleman squads) it’s a solution for the high tier problem but not the Best one

that’s a good question.

not sure precisely what could be outside ( what… i’ll admit i’d wish for and at the same time don’t ) drivers dedicated class for Logistic / APC squads

where you can drive type of light vehicles such as armored cars, or trucks that refills medkits / ammunition / engineer points, and perhaps grenades.

but, there are two problems about it.
the first one that i’d have against it, is that they refused to rework rider class to introduce these vehicles and " features / mechanics " to it. where it would have made more sense.

second problem, what i just said it’s highly unlikely too. since there are no mentions nor mechanics in the editor.

so… yeah other than my own wishes, i have no idea what this class could be.

as long it’s not too powerful to replace anything else, sounds fine by me.

New Rider class

Hog Ridaaaaaah!

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Yeah i’m 100% conviced that the painter Raider Will be the next class added to enlisted

The problem is, what would they do in low BR? Where there aren’t full auto rifles?

Is that a problem? There aren’t machineguns for BR1 either. Assault Engineers need their high tier assault rifles (or MKb-35s) or they’re just regular old engineers. I suppose you could combine them with the proposed “Grenadier” class so they also have near exclusive use of grenade rifles as well.