Imagine if #1 (L3/33 is added to the game)

welcome to my own section in the forum ( i created it rigth now Lol ) called " imagine if " where we are going to be creative about this game, what will happen if X thing is added or removed or reworked? to the game, let´s disscus it here,

So the topic is the L3 in enlisted, if you didn´t know the L3 is this cute italian tank

yea very cute rigth?, so imagine if its added to the game, can survive to the br1 tanks?, can be the next cute death machine or it just will be a complete joke, and just used for fun,

to make this easier in a scale of 1-10 how much you can suffer using this little boi?

I´ll waiting for your opinion below : )


Strictly a donation to the other side.

In game the version with MG’s would probably be more useful than the 20mm ATR.

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Id say suffering would be 9/10.can be penned by anything and the 20mm would be weak against anything but the lowest of BR1 veichles.would be a fun rider class veichle if it finally got a rework though.

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We would need a strict BR1 for that, they could add Poland as a playable nation under Allies with the Invasion of Poland maps.

Invasion of Greece with Italians also could have some BR1 fun with the tankettes.


So yeah i’m all aboard the tankette train.

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Theres also a spicy meatball version with a flamethrower…

Yeah well there’s lots of things like that…


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Yeah, while there are vehicles in warthunder that are of little use there, here they could have a purpose.

For example, I could see panzer 1s (2 crew members, 2 machineguns in 1 turret) being useful.
Sdkfz 221-223 series being useful (armored cars).

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dont know bro , but whats the point of br 1 tanks . pz 2, t60 , etc. they can easilly killed by any br 2 tankn

The focus is on infantry in either way.
The goal is to help infantry capture objective.

And even Panzer 2s and T-60s can contribute to that.