Identifying player name who marks a tank, technical, or vehicle

It may encourage players to improve their propensity to be genuine team players if the player name who took the time to mark critical enemy hardware (tanks, mostly) was highlighted briefly with the icon on the map or even the main field of play screen. I think this can be done without significantly adding to the clutter. That way, the team can see who’s actually helping out and may facilitate “friending” other players, perhaps helping connect the community? Ok, maybe a stretch, but it’s nice if there was a way non-selfish players could stand out from the more selfish ones. Thanks for your consideration.


I don’t think that’s a stretch at all actually.

In fact I think its a great idea and needs to be adapted to a few other things as well.

Both this idea as well as perhaps showing who built fortifications could lead to a similar result!
Additionally, being able to see whose fortifications they are would help to identify players that you wish to block, kick, or stay away from in certain situations as well!

I digress, overall, I think that promoting players to seek out like-minded teammates is a good step in the right direction for overall health of the playerbase and game.


and destroy enemy rallies :sunglasses:
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