Ideas for the faction of Japan (re written)

Hello good day this is actually a repeated post from my previous one, however I decided to re edit it as I thought that I put too many errors on it and of course I’m enjoying the new stuff that was added like the type100 mg and both the Ho-ri and the Hei automatic which are nice. With those being added I decided to remove some items I previously listed (please ignore that one)

So once again i would like to suggest a few ideas for the faction of Japan.

I’ll start once again with new uniforms: I would like to request camouflaged uniforms that have grass on it and other stuff like they had in real life same with the helmets that we’re camouflaged. The second one is the basic tan uniform that one usually sees in other games with either long black boots or brown long boots for the IJA.

Also there’s a uniform that the tankers have which consists of a white long shirt and tan-like pants. I would like to have this one for infantry units.

Now with weapons (non premium) I’ll also be mentioning the squads in which said weapon tree could belong to.

Tier 4: I recommend creating a scoped version of the Otsu rifle with a scope magnification zoomed similar to the American Springfield. The scope doesn’t need to be on top of the rifle, but on the side where it doesn’t interfere with the mechanism.

Tier 5:a scoped version of the type 4 garand since the US does have a scoped version of the garand also a grenade launcher version as well in tier 5. (Both scoped rifles for a new Sniper squad) (Type 4 rifle with grenade for the 183rd independent infantry battalion 105 infantry division)

Tier 5: SMG I recommend another version of the type 2 SMG but instead it’s little bit long in body and it has the magazine of a type 99 MG = a customized experimental assault rifle dubbed Tokyo arsenal 2. (For the 64th infantry regiment 23rd infantry division)

Tier 5:(optional) a SiG 1920 with drum magazine similar to the Tokyo experimental. (For the 29th infantry regiment 2nd infantry division)

Tier 4 or Tier 5: FN model 1930 MG with a extended magazine of 50 rounds and long type 30 bayonet.( For the new machine gunner class the 355th independent infantry battalion 102nd infantry division)

Tier 3 or tier 4: Type 99 81mm mortar (new mortar squad)

Also a Mauser c96 pistol was also used by Japan through private purchases which would be a nice addition to this army.

Now as for vehicles…

Tier 2: a motorcycle with either a type 96 or 99 MG. In real life Japan did use a motorcycle in WWII with said guns with side car similar to the Germans called type 97 Rikuo.

Tier 2: Scout car (premium) Type 87 Crossley armed scout car with twin MGs (consists of a apc driver, 2 tank crew members and one radio operator.)

Tier 3: A non premium version of the type 1 Ho ha with a warship grey camouflage.( I don’t mind if I have to level it up)

Tier 4: The type 4 Chi-To medium tank.

Tier 5: The heavy tank of Japan that never saw action. Known as the Type 5 Chi-ri .

Also I must inform you that on the type-94 Isuzu truck the glass on the driver side is kinda murky on the right side of the glass making it hard for me to see where I’m going properly. I tend to crash when I’m driving it because I can’t see well with said murky glass.

Premium vehicles (probably)

A tiger tank that Japan had ordered would be a nice addition to the faction ( also in Google search if you type Type 99 To Ra it will show you a model of said tank but with a circular antenna similar to the chi ha)

That would be all I could recommend and advise.


The Chi-Ri is a medium tank as it’s name suggests "Type 5 medium tank Chi-Ri "

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To top it off, I really don’t get why people want the Japanese tiger so badly.

I want you to load up a pacific map and drive a tiger around and tell me if it’s enjoyable.
if it’s not, Imagine paying money for that and having to deal with that.

Lastly the Japanese never got it, I’d prefer it to be a GO skin for Germany which did use it on loan.


Oops my bad, although it is labeled as heavy in other games like Ruse (probably a ultra heavy) and as for the others they’re merely suggestions that I doubt they add. But I do want more uniforms for the IJA and the Otsu to be scoped.

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It’s a weird thing as it’s called a heavy tank in many places, But it’s listed as a “Ultra” medium basically.

More or less, It’s a hybird between a med and heavy which is hard to explain. But over all it’s classed as a Medium.

In terms of the other suggestions, I 100% agree with the scopes for the Otsu, Type 4, And also the uniforms. Tiger I disagree with due to the fact having tried it, It wasn’t worth using in the pacific and it was unfun, More realistically, And logical would be a GO skin for Tiger in Germany.

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I just remembered something, 2 years ago on Google or on YouTube somebody had posted a image of a Tiger tank with side skirts on both the sides of the vehicle and on the sides of the turret (similar to Pz Iv H) I don’t know why but it looked nice. However when I went to search for it, it was gone on both YouTube and Google and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

They could always add the scoped Type 96 or Type 99 as a Sniper III weapon. The Germans already get scoped assault rifles and FG-42 while the Soviets the AVS-36, so i don’t think it’s that impossible or crazy, i mean those scoped LMG weren’t a field conversion or prototypes.

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The type 97 lmg is scoped(it’s not that bad). The request is for semi automatic rifles with better scopes. (By using already existing weapons in the faction)

As a long time enjoyer of the Japanese faction since it was released. I do like your suggestions and I can tell the effort it took to gather all this information. But in my honest opinion as a player, I feel that Japan has reached a sweet spot when it comes to firearms, at least in BR V. The suggestions that I really like are:

  • A bigger mortar.
  • Motorcycle, or scout with sidecar.
  • Fixing the current APC window visibility. (This has been addressed by other players since the beginning and we’re still waiting for it. And the premium APC non working MGs)
  • Also we need a 75mm or equivalent buildable AT gun for engineers. Because the current one is super weak against almost anything they throw at us past BR II.
  • Jungle leafs camo for cosmetics.
  • Any new tanks in the mid tiers are welcome at this point. But we could also use a total rework of the current BR where we have the existing tanks. Because some of the ones in Tier III and specially IV are technically BR II and III in comparison to anything they have to fight against. Then they could fill in the spots for the tank tech three using folders for certain new unlocks to make it easier.

Also since the beginning I’ve been wishing for a new engineer building unique to the Japanese faction. It could be a sort of trap for jungle warfare to slow down the enemy’s advance. Maybe some hidden bamboo traps, or a way to dig in a machine gun emplacement, I don’t know. (But this is just me fantasizing at this point, so let’s not put too much attention to this last one for now)


I’m glad to hear that you liked some of my ideas. (Even though I doubt that the Devs would read it) My previous list I made a few errors and requested a few additions that were probably absurd. Although I did left one absurd firearm on this list which I made up from looking at the type 2 SMG and imagined it being slightly longer and having a magazine of a type 96 or 99 Lmg in a way for it to be a prototype assault rifle instead of a SMG.


None of the Type Otsu rifles had a scope mount:

Type Otsu Rifle (long)

Type Otsu Rifle (short)

Type 4/5 also lacked a mounting platform:

However some of the Type Ko Rifles (short and long) had mounting platforms very similar to the experimental Type 38 Sniper Rifles.




Why not a Type Jorge Highlander rifle that fires .30 caliber magazine clips in half the second, armour piercing grenade.

Valken-38X lancer type assault blaster with extended clipazine for the 1st Space force.

How about a… wait… :+1:



Me too



NOOOO IT NEVER EXISTED EVEN AS A CONCEPT! If you want a Japanese Semi-Auto sniper than just add the Type Ko long with Arisaka Type 38 experimental scope mount




Yes, I’ve suggested that they do this in the past but remove the dispersion penalty while moving.

They could also add the Type Ko (long) with the experimental Type 5 scope found on the first pattern of Arisaka Type 38 snipers since the mounting platforms are basically identical:


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Works one way or another, Type KO sniper would be fine, But due to the fact the type KO is a prem. We’d have to see.

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I think that shouldn’t be problem in any way. Sniper variants are according to DF completely different weapons.
Sometimes even in stats (Mkb for example). Plus wr already have free G41 and premium G41 sniper.
This would pretty much the dame case, just reversed. They can always make scope “not removable”.

I really like the idea of Type Ko sniper as tech tree weapon.


The Type Ko in game is the Carbine, there’s also a long rifles model as well, perhaps we could also get a long rifle type Ko with 490 RPM as a proper tier 4 rifle.

Type Ko Carbine (currently in game)

Type Ko Long Rifle (not in game

I have seen examples of both the Carbine and Long Rifle with scope mounts.


Tis not my intention to rouse anyone up👐, I don’t like COD vanguard, all i did was simply offered some ideas while keeping said ideas on wwii grounds (though i do agree that some of my own ideas aren’t that good like with the mg and SMG prototypes I thought of) although the reason why I recommended the Otsu to be scoped was because of not only it’s semi automatic action, but because it’s a 5 round gun which is quick to load compared to the type hei.

The Otsu and the Type 4 garand aren’t bad options (so long as they have a good scope to match the allies) Now your idea of the Type Ko(long) being scoped isn’t bad (i welcome it) but question is, is the scope going to be as good as the allies have? or are we going to have another short range scope? Because as a sharpshooter I tend to switch my scoped rifle with one that has a better zoom in and I’ve killed more with said weapon than a original from Japan which is troublesome because you want to see your enemies movement properly and snipe them without having to close the distance, something you can’t do with said weapon because it doesn’t seem that far ahead. I do like historical accuracy as much as the next player, but if I’m not mistaken historically Japan tended to ( whenever they got the chance provided that they had the tools to do so.) alter their weapons which is something soldiers of all kinds tend to do when they find a fault to their weapons.