I wonder if the devs are gonna support windows 10 on enlisted by next year after seeing this

I recommend updating your system. There used to be XP, which looking back was tragic, and we look at XP as if it were an omega system.

I hate what windows is doing with its os. 11 is just terrible imo


devs will support it till it still has significant market share. e.g. various devs supported win xp and win 7 years after EOL date. usually what forced devs to stop supporting old windows is new directx version.

I should be ok since my computer is a year old now and has windows 11…If I am still playing enlisted in a year. With all the non competitive games I am losing interest in playing as much as I used to, and both my kids already quit playing. So, it is only going to be an issue if there is still a good following. Even if it is going to effect Enlisted, I don’t think it would be an immediate thing. I used to play War Thunder, but once I lost interest it was only a matter of time till I stopped playing, and I haven’t played in at least a couple years.

all i need to buy is this, everything on my computer is compatible except this is not included in my motherboard but the plug is there, I just need to buy this then I can upgrade to windows 11 for free

Microsoft can go fuck itself.
Its aggressively anti consumer, anti privacy & win10 is the last OS that is tolerable, win11 went overboard with its intrusions.
The TOS in win11 allow the company to delete whole files from your system, change/delete words in text files & other idiocy.

Proper antivirus software & VPN are great protection from internet plagues, even without windows support, so I’ll keep using win10 until Linux finally produces a version that can be used as easily as windows.

Also Enlisted is clearly designed for low performance computers, which especially includes customers who dont update their computers often and therefore will have older OS for a long time, so its sure that Gaijin will support win10 for a very long time.
Most eastern Europeans still use cracked versions of win7 for its overall high quality and reliability and thats Gaijins main audience.