I read "Germany and Italy" in the forum but where is Italy?

Same old topic here: Please make the british and italians a new faction each, and give italians some winter clothes already, the british was given in Ardennes but italians dont have in Stalingrad! Nowadays I barely see a model (in german clothes) wich talks italian they were washed out utterly! Like the game is losing content…


Are there enough gears for br 1 to br5? or even br4 for these two faction?

No lmao

you actually dont need those, because italians or the british would be in the presence of germans or americans in every scenario.

Meaning, there’s no point of them having seperate factions :joy:


except you cannot recruit italian soldiers, you might be reasonable. still what I wrote in the title is correct. I would like to see italian soldiers in italian uniforms since we have english ones too… I like diversity and I like to see other nations in a ww2 game not just the classic ones.

You should be able to select if you want to recruit Italian or German soldiers(same with Allies) from the Soldier enlistment window

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where is Italy?

It’s just south of Switzerland and Austria, east of France and west of the Balkans. It’s that funny boot peninsula in Europe.

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