I picked Russia as my main and now Im quitting

Russia is complete garbage as of right now, I have a 75% loss rate and it kills me how I’m always top three in my team. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just swap to Germany or America and keep my progression but unfortunately, that’s not a thing. So I’m left with 3 options, I keep suffering and grind slower because I don’t get any win bonuses 3/4ths of the time, switch nations and start from scratch wasting my time, or just quit. It sucks that these are the options I’m left considering that I think this game is often fun, but losing 75% of your games is just too soul-crushing.

Well, I dont main anything thankfully, though I do ignore japes, especially with what is going on now.

Those are the breaks. Nothing I can really tell you other than try finding a team. Because SU players right now for lack of a better term, are worse than bots. Though on some occasions, you do get some functional players.

If you want to quit, then quit. Really pays not to care about WR much. Though, when you have just about everything like I do. Then you want a goal to strive for, lest this game becomes boring. You do have some of my sympathies. Rare!


Pro tip: Do not main only 1 faction. Having multiple nation to grind i always more fun because you will have more map variety and if you get bored you can change faction



USSR is a bad choice, especially now when low BR Germany got buff yesterday.

Japan is the easiest faction to play.


yep, it would be wise to grind an allied and axis faction as well.
SInce one faction doing poorly will affect the other faction too, dooming both of them.

BR2 soviets are good. idk about BR5 cause i dont play them (dont like berlin much).


you just need to build rally points and carry most of the games (usually i am in top spot and play mostly infantry)


But joke (or is it? Uhuhuh) aside, first time ever you write here is to say you never will again?

What an insightful post.

“Hello, I’m here to introduce myself just to say I’m leaving forever.”


Not gonna help you any. We got less players than the Commies

Yeah about that, it’s high time for a population switch…
Since the company screwed up Steam chances in such a magnificent way…

I need my super Pershing already. I’m hoping it will drag some players back to allies.

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What VN is that? Muv-Luv?

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Good for you. I dont want to quit because I spend too much on this game. And even though I will still play this game I will definitely give a bad rating if it release in steam again

Oh yeah that’ll probably get us back in action

Yes it is

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Oh, but you know what I want more than the T26E1-1? The M26 T99, M45, and various other HMC’s

sometimes you have to do it all yourself

kill the peepz, kill the tanks, make the rallies, cap the point!!

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download (7)
? :thinking:

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Moscow airport is at your doors