I need immediate assistance, please help

Just to set the record straight, I am not using cheats. I will screenshot whatever needs to be screenshot to prove I am not using them.

I have been kicked twice from two games like this. It is not my internet connection because I am at full bars, so it has to be anti-cheat. I have played a couple of zombie event games already, but for some reason, this started suddenly. Does anyone know why this is going off all of a sudden?

I have closed the game and will try restarting it to see if it helps.

It did not help

Just now in zombies:

You should check through task manager if EAC is working, it might suddenly close or not engage at all, causing the server to kick you.

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Where is the task manager? Is it in the file location?

LCrtl+LShift+Esc is hotkey on Windows.

This should pop up, then go into details, launch the game, Alt-Tab to it and look for EasyAntiCheat.exe.
If it’s not there, it means EAC doesn’t work.
If it’s there, launch a match, play a bit. If you get kicked, search for it again on Alt-Tab.

If it’s not there, it means EAC is crashing.
If it’s still working, it might be something on your computer.

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Ok, it is working now. Thank you.

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No problem, I’ll keep it tabbed, if there are more problems, I’ll try to help next time I check the forum.

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solved by a friendly user


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