I need help

I played this game through GPTK, Easy-Anti Cheat always kick me out from the game. I’ve tried all the solution I could try from the official web of EAC but it doesn’t work, server still kicks me out from match. I’ve heard that this question could cause by connection error with EAC server, but my connection doesn’t have any issue with game server. I didn’t use any cheat app, and my account seems not be banned because of cheating, I can still join a game and play for a little while and then be kicked by EAC. I wonder is this a problem with the anti-cheat app or because I’m using GPTK.


Anti-cheat and DRM

Anti-cheat (e.g. Easy Anti Cheat) and DRM (e.g. Denuvo) are long known to be incompatible with wine, because they hook into undocumented nooks and crannies in the Windows system. Some games have workarounds e.g. Elden Ring. For other games, you need to wait until the DRM is removed by the game’s developer.

i would recommend using nvidia geforce now if you want to play on mac.

U can try using the bug report website as they can figure out what is wrong with your game.