I love this game but I hate when they do everything halfway

I really appreciate the detail that the tank commanders grip the upper MGs, but it is very noticeable that they did not even review this improvement, since in many tanks, especially the German ones, the commander does not even hold the weapon well… I know that It is something very unnecessary and does not affect the gameplay, but if they are going to announce an improvement, at least it is good


I am a little bit sad for the state of the game, i was expecting and even investing, for it to take some wind beneath the wings, but this is clearly in a stalemate. Every new mechanics has 0 testing, same problems over and over, i feel for the people that really invested some serious money and the game is still trying to find itself.


they only give people 3 or 2 days of testing and I never get notified until its too late. not enough time to figure out the bugs.