I lose credit for my kill because someone pops a shot at the destroyed plane?

I shot down a soviet U-2 plane with the Anti-Air gun…shot off its wings and as it was crashing down someone popped a shot at it and was credited the kill for it? This doesn’t make any sense to me. It wouldn’t bother me but this is not a one-time thing to happen to me. Is it really so simple that hitting a destroyed aircraft with 1 shot will automatically give you credit for the kill?


Same problems with tanks. I shoot the engine, gun and crew of the tank but someone just finishes the burning empty wreck and gets the kill.

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That is just stupid man. I think it’d be better if the kill was credited to the person that did the most damage to the vehicle.

I hate those kills steals too so I always keep firing until I get the kill.
Even when the plane goes down in flames, shoot to kill, or else somebody on the ground with a handgun will take a shot at it.

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Well… That’s not really an option with AAs. You are both limited by mag capacity and very quick overheat

It really should award the kill to the last person that did critical damage. If it makes you feel better, yesterday I got killstolen by a bomb, from an AI plane, yeah.

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