I know I have said some dumb things on here

Even though we all have said dumb things on here, and when mods step in to close and hide stuff. I know that moderators as well as the forum community in general, are all looking out for each other, moderators are just here to keep us out of trouble. best to be friendly to moderators they are just as much invested in playing this as we are.

You really don’t need to make an apology topic every single time one of your posts got flagged, lol.

It’s not that serious.


if you say so.


Yes, its a video game, I think some forget this. Even myself at times.

I would have thought this boi would have been onto that. Considering how much he frequents.

As long as you are respectful and dont break the forum rules there should be no reason to apologize your actions

Sorry for break the narrative but no moderator hide your topic, it get mass flagged before someone have time to post and system auto hide it

And yes as @Adamnpee said no need to make a letter for asking forgiveness every time, as long you don’t exaggerate nothing is gonna happen

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