I hope we get this tank to in Enlisted in future


dam man idk it name was the P word

anyway nice

Petard is a negative word now?

nah i just idk my mind is negative nowadays

oh nvm it just mean " a case containing an explosive to break down a door or gate or breach a wall" i thought it was something else

Well yea is his job, smash fortifications

Seem impractical irl. The Petard is a spigot mortar, similar to the PIAT it is muzzleloading weapon. Someone would have to load the Petard mortar from the outside of the tank.

Why wouldn’t they just make the Petard man-portable? It’s a waste of a tank.

Uh it load from inside isnt it?

Churchill AVRE


  1. After firing each shell, the gunner rotates the turret to put the barrel right on the head of the co-driver(radiopersonnel).
    2.The gunner uses a handle to fold up the barrel, exposing the breach.
    3.The co-driver leans out from the hatch holding the shell, and inserts it into the breach, then sits back.
    4.The gunner resets the barrel and aims for another shot.
    My apoogies that I can’t put a video here to display. The game Company of Heros 2 correctly displays how an AVRE load, you may search for it.

And if a MG bunker is watching your man portable petard will no reach the target…
Even if you reload in from the outside you could still do that from cover.

It’s a Churchill.

So duh! Ofc I want it too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: it wouldn’t be crazier than good ol kv2.

The main weapon is a mortar not a gun, meaning it can attack a target from behind cover. Still seem like the chassis could be used as a platform for something else more useful.

To simulate this in Enlisted you’d have to take a shot, and then drive back to the ammo point to reload. Mind you the effects from a 290mm spigot would be substantial…

it is really, really cool lookin