I have created a sound mod to have the narrator in Spanish but it cannot be published on the mods page

I created a mod so that Spanish speakers can listen to the narrator speaking Spanish as well as in war thunder, but I cannot publish it on the official page since it is a BANK file and only missions and hangars can be uploaded there

I think this could be beneficial to attract new players who don’t know much English and give comfort or something new to old players, to install the mod you need to modify the enlisted.config.blk file by writing that the sound mods are activated, there is several weapon sound mods and so on, I think it would be very helpful if gaijin added that option so that sound mod creators can publish them without having to worry if a player will not understand the installation process

(great, the forum tells me that I cannot upload files that exceed 67 mb but the video only weighs 7, so upload the link better, and it won’t let me publish links :))

You can use whatever cloud storage (ex Gdrive) for let player interested in use your mod download it, it sufficient open a topic and post the link with the details of what the mod do

Like this

Sandbox pages can only publish hangar or missions