I hate playing in the pacific RANT (stronger than steel update)

I hate playing in pacific and every map I’m getting is pacific it’s the only set of maps I hate when I mean I hate I mean HATE!!!
But I have no choice I am forced







I hope you’re enjoying your stay in purgatory and this is probably for the crimes that you’re Faction has committed by suicide bombing everywhere they go.


You can always try to play Germans or Soviets…

Make full use of the Divine Wind for Japan while it lasts.


Japan is having their revenge for being the laughing stock of Enlisted some months ago when the merge had recently dropped. Also the bulk of the playerbase shifts over time, and right now it’s true that Japan has a strong player base at the highest tiers with some of Enlisted’s veterans. But this can change in the upcoming months depending which faction gets the lastest “toys”, it’s hard to guess. So my only advise is to join Japan and have fun too, but perhaps you’ll realize that winning as Japan is not as easy as it looks.


karma for the tunisia bot farm from before the merge

I found playing with BR V Americans after the update got me BR V Japan every time which was a stomp cause of the new Japanese weapons.

I went down the Americans BR II and I found that the American teams at that level are clinically braindead and cannot approach any objective for any reason whatsoever resulting in 100% lose rate.

I moved up to BR III Americans and I actually get decent American teams and a mix of Bulge, Normandy, Tunisia, as well as a mix of low and high BR Pacific. Like maybe 1 out of 6 games will have BR V Japanese with their automatic Hei.

So weirdly I am having the best success at BR III Americans right now. It just seems like the odds are you will get something other then the BR V Pacific games, although you still might occasionally. BR II is just a waste of time with irritatingly bad teammates making it not worthwhile.

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Don’t know what the hell you are on about, but ok?

I hated playing BR2 Japan before the update and I still hate BR2 Japan.
so what do I do?
a) keep playing BR2 Japan
b) play another faction or BR
c) go touch grass instead


I already do