I can’t stand the 190 D-12

The entire plane feels like you have an elephant on your back. The sensitivty feels way high, where slight turns makes the plane bleed an insane amount of energy. Compared to the 109K4, it just feels……meh.


Thats why the FWs are the worst high teir planes,just because of their terrible handling


I’m not sure they’re the worst but some improved handling would be nice. They can be effective if you adjust your style and tolerate the quirks.

That said, I hate it and only bring it out now and then. More often, I run the BF110-C7 and/or JU-188. Swap in a BF110 for either and I’m happy.

i am pretty sure gaijin intentionally fucked the fw190 in WT and it carried over to here


It’s a plane designed for literally opposide of how you have to fly in Enlisted. Gotta go fast, gotta go straight, gotta go high.

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The FM is busted to shit, it was “”“fixed”“” last december? Or the one before that in WT, it still sucks. But im sure those updates aren’t in enlisted or would matter all too much. The only thing that matters for fighters/CAS is how much payload they have to hit ground targets, and if you want to participate in the circus that is dogfighting in this game then how well your turn trumps everything else, and even with proper FM german fighters weren’t designed with that in mind.

I love the D12, but they need to fix the damn sliding when you dive.

The most annoying “feature” of the FW-190 is drifting in the air.