I broke the tank tutorial

I shot the engines of the target tanks to lit them on fire and then i entered them. My squad got killed which was not supposed to happen. When i respawned i was in 3rd person for some reason and all the targets were gone

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oh this is different from what i did my version of broke was

i shot all my round into the jeep (since it want me to mg it if i remember correctly) and it wont let me pass cause the jeep is already gone

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The tank tutorial feels too empty. It doesnt explain the difference between heat, apcr and normal rounds and it doesnt tell us about apcs. Also it doesnt teach how to use the starter tanks (ta-se, t60, panzer 2 and m13) properly and new players wont learn how to flank and how to fight infantry properly.


yea it basically just “how to drive and use tank 101” imo

Nah, it doesn’t teach you the basics like avoid trenches and small rocks like fire because it’s 90% likely you will get stuck on it.


Also doesnt teach you to avoid running straight towards t3 tanks and infantry with explosion packs

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They should do a tutorial with a panther on a map of Berlin for example

Plus they should do tutorial on how effectively crush poor infantrymen underneath your tracks.

Panther power is real, I managed to get across a collapsed building with the Panther, the most mobile medium tank in the game.

Not if it’s forced to reverse, lmao


I find tiger 1 easier to control


that means third person is possible in enlisted devs clearly have it hidden in files as place holder.

it was not broke

it was a funny bug since a long time

doenst work on public games