Hurricane MK IIB - Keep going up when nosing down!

After a couple secons faceing the plane downwards against a target or point it goes up again by itself - Please delete this plane or fix it



It is a know isuee for players but this behavior is intentional as the wings IRL seamed to somewhat deform mid dive creating the additional upwards push for the plane if I understood it correctly.


Not a mistake, please know your aircraft
All plane generates more lift at high speeds
Control the angle and timing of your dive
Or easier: do a half roller and fly downward
Edit: Hurricane gain uncontrollable lift when >500Km/h

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This is why Hurricanes and Seagulls are difficult to pilot and difficult to threaten ground units

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No, I tried it and it works fine when flying normally
Uncontrollable problems only occur with exaggerated dives
It’s low altitudes flexibility is also enough for strafing
Through the Soviet version can only threaten BR1 vehicles due to the loadout

Of course I know suicide attacks enjoyer will not be interested in this aircraft

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This has nothing to do with suicide tactics

Newcomers need more training and knowledge to use these vehicles with potential deficiencies.
This is just a waste of time for newcomers to learn skills they will not need in the future.

Excellent suicide warriors will only commit suicide directly when there is not enough benefit.
If necessary they are fully capable of continuing to hunt enemy aircraft and any units that meet the criteria after dropping the bombs
Or after completing the bombing outside the enemy’s air defense range
Just get out of the plane and start falling while waiting for the harvest.
What you’re saying now is just criticizing a tactical model from your narrow personal perspective that you don’t understand at all.

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You’re over speeding the plane. Reduce the throttle for steep dives

LOL, how do you know I don’t know about suicide tactics? I even know how to complete a suicide loop with one vehicle slot.

The reason for not using this toxic “tactic” is entirely out of dignity, to me suicide attack abusers deserve 0 respect and are detrimental to the game environment.
I believe most players agree with this.

Then your dignity is not just worthless
Even more ridiculous than defending a newbie holding a sniper rifle

Why don’t you say that any enemy you can’t easily kill is poisonous?
Crybabies and mysophobia are always able to constantly push the lower limits of morality.
Have you considered going to hell to help Satan set new standards for hell?
Heaven will thank you for moving a large number of people to hell


Tactics that lack effective countermeasures are indeed toxic.
Especially when you see suicide plane that arrive in every 30 seconds in the WW II game.
If this isn’t toxic and ridiculous, I don’t know what else is.

I use “dignity” not “morality”, maybe try to read.