Hurray for Bonuses

…the round before that, I had a 250% active but got sent to a Conquest. If I had gotten this round at 250% xp bonus, it’d have been 80,000 xp

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Also respect for grinding a faction that isn´t meta at the moment.

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I don’t understand the idea of meta equipment in enlisted since there is no such equipment here. Not counting tanks.



A plane like any other. You will defeat him with the BR-1 fighter. His engine overheats, he loses energy quickly and it’s easy to beat him in a dogfight. Just because he has 10 rockets and a 250kg bomb doesn’t make him a meta piece of equipment. Then the German BF-110g is a meta piece of equipment and has a BR-3.

It is meta for BR3, but the problem with P-47 is that it has 10 rockets to squad wipe multiple squads, a large bomb to destroy any tank and its a decent fighter at the same time.

No other aircraft is so multi role that is why US faction almost always have a P-47 flying in BR5 games.
Lets face it, people only bother to bring attacker aircraft other than P-47 if they don’t own it yet or cycle 3 attacker aircraft. If that isn’t meta than nothing is.

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I was flying a P47 in the game I screenshot. I took a Thunderbolt and a Corsair into the round. I didn’t play the Corsair.

You are hurting yourselves. P47 is the finish line before you win every game.
This is so untrue. How many times have I met players who played on P47 and were not able to get 4k points throughout the game?
Equipment is one thing, but in this game it’s more about tactics.

That is just skill issue.
Meta equipment doesn’t make the player good at the game, just easier.


so effing true

truee words has never been spoken.

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