How to remove "named"soldiers

Soldiers earned due to whatever reason/bonus now are obsolete but can not toss them to send to the rear, hence can not buy new soldiers. How do i get rid of those low ranked hero’s. Thanks in advance.

Low-ranking heroes? Heroes usually have a higher rank and more attribute points than others.

let’s be honest, some soldiers are rank 1-2 who aren’t worth anymore when you unlock tier 3-4 of certain units, we need a way to update those men instead

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nope, 11 heroes and all my other soldiers are higher in rank.

Hmm, an interesting idea comes to mind.

What if you could use soldier upgrade tokens to improve perk points once at level 5

  • Say you have a level 5 Tier I Rifleman
  • You use a soldier upgrade token and it maxes perk points for Tier I
  • Use another one it moves up to the perk point values of Tier II
  • Another to TIer III
    This would allow Tier I Rifleman to have the perk totals of the max tier Rifleman as well.

From there its just a matter of improving the quantity of Upgrade Tokens we gain.