How to play for the Germans

Take an example from the comrades, they understand how to use the players’ deficit very well


Very strange, but there should be no more than 4 people on a squad.
Assuming this is not a coincidence, how did they come together?

I’ll tell you a secret, you can gather in discord 2 squads of 4 people and on the countdown to 1, 2, 3 click “go to battle”, if there are few people, you on the same server will be thrown into one game session.
This works great only when the online is down, it worked well in the Moscow campaign for the Axis, in Tunisia for the Axis/Allies, in the ocean for the Japanese/Americans and in Berlin for the USSR.


Judging by the title, I guess it never happens with other nations.

Well, not at the moment.

Oh God…

That must be the most sickening looking enemy team I’ve seen since… … I’ve seen!

I’m of course talking about all of em having xmas trees decorators, nothing else!
Or do I?



It’s definitely about the decorators and what’s more!


It’s nice to see this game is popular in asia as well. :blush:

Asia? I hadn’t noticed at all.

Really, I “swear”! :innocent:

I bet the match was a constant grenade launcher and impact grenade fest. Xmas trees decorators is what’s hinting to this, oooobviously!

It’s funny how most of Enlisted’s Chinese nicknames don’t make any sense when you can actually read Chinese, so any European dude changing his name to random Chinese characters can make himself look threatening now.

is that actually a thing?



I wonder if I should name myself “candy king” in chinese characters :thinking:


alrighty mr 糖果王

( yes, google translator for the win )


i4i didn’t translate :rofl:
but Eye for Eye is
以眼还眼 :smile:

After launching a game on Steam, it would be normal every day. :unamused:

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Supposedly Steam won’t support china localization :slight_smile:

Unless vpn…

I think I just puked a little in my mouth

Not really, Most of them make sense, it is just that Chinese nickname have different naming style with English nick name.

Speaking of making sense, I don’t think some English nickname like asdh123 make any sense.

Only if there was an Asian server.

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Why is it only Asian server? :stuck_out_tongue:
Why not a SEA server :smile: