How to maximise sales as much as possible (for new players!)

So our goal is to “earn” as much as possible from Enlisted promotion sales, with as little costs as possible.

First of all, you need to buy all the starter packs. All of them give 300 gold, 3-day membership (which stacks), two soldiers that can be sold for orders, and more equipment. Simple 500 Gold costs 5 Eur. Here we get much more for only 2.5 EUR. Then, in addition to all that, we have a total of 1500 gold in our account. Which we will be able to spend on in game store squads, which are now discounted by 50%.

Then, in addition to all this, we can also buy several squads that will be eliminated, and in addition to the whole squad, we also get 200 Gold. Which we can add to the total dowry.

Hurry up. All this will be eliminated soon.




for a lower price, you could the the m8 greyhound and get 300 gold instead :wink:

or for the same price, a flame tank and still 300 gold:

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Starter packs are always worth it but about others i can’t agree just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are worth it especially m8 greyhound it’s a crap tank same with flame tanks, get this instead Gaijin.Net Store - Pacific War: Type 97 Chi-Ha Squad. Gold squads are so expensive that those 200-300g per pack won’t give you enough to buy 2200-2500 gold squads, as you would need to buy several of them.

but it can pen tigers ( not… frontally )

it’s like the warthunder locust of enlisted.

Or you could achieve same result in m18 except you won’t even need to flank to kill a Tigahr

you could.

but the m8 it’s not that bad.

glass cannons.

considering that the first tanks will be some m2s, it is somewhat of a solid “tank”.

… unless you want to use those british things… that they call tanks.
( crusader is one of the few alright )

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Looking at those deals hurt : P

Nice try snail