How to give medics syringes?

my medics in my missions spawns without syringes:


how can i specify the ammount that they initially should carry? ( custom profiles )


I have medic_medkit_item installed in my inventory and it gives 10 syringes + medic soldier class.


is there a way to… add syringes without having medkits in the inventory?

because the intent of this mission is to have no medkits. while having medics being able to heal people through syringes, but not be able to heal them selves when downed. to essentially incentivize team play and play more carefully/slow for a hardcore mil-sim experience.

you know what i mean?

medic_box_ item - is a box with first aid kits
medic_medkit_item - is syringes
medkit_item - self-medication.
There is also a factional medkit_item, but I didn’t see any difference.

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yeah i know but if i give them the medkit box, people will be able to use medkits from it.

i’d like to avoid that

install medic_medkit_item in your inventory - there should be only syringes without boxes


like this, sorry for the quality


yeah i figured only later.

( you specified " inventory " twice :upside_down_face: )

because i was confused as i thought you were referring to the medkit it self.

but thanks :pray:

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