How to easily complete tasks

In short, aim to complete two stars every match and only reroll “capture a point” if it pops up. Will take you roughly 4 battles a day to get most stars, roughly taking 1.5 hours to achieve. As is stands, there is only one task that can’t be reliably completed or progressed, and that is the aforementioned capturing task as you will likely get three games in a row either defending or destruction which don’t allow you a chance to capture something, that and since it is the lower task, replacing it will give you a almost guaranteed completable in one match task, such as spend x minutes in a match or completing a match.

In long, “specific campaign number of battles” can also be rerolled as the Pacific is currently the best campaign to achieve stars consistently, save for large numbers of plane and vehicle kills, then play on Normandy. The main limiting factor to many tasks is how well equiped your faction is, what level your unlocked squads are and what squads you have unlocked. Examples:

You need semi-auto kills, buy m1-garands from Normandy for 1 silver each and transfer at least three to the Pacific and equip each squad you will use with at least 1 semi-auto rifle each so you can always use them. Same applies for other kill x amount tasks, although melee and pistol kills require the same mindset to complete in one battle, that is rush cramped spaces and start blasting and stabbing. Luckily, the pistols are cheap in the Pacific and they are pretty much pocket smgs with low magazine capacity.

Kills using vehicles: Use the dauntless or da3a1? Or alternatively if you aren’t confident flying, use the m13 GMC or … Well, the ki-ni is pretty much a go-kart and is fun and all, but realistically, the ha-go machine gunner position is probably the closest thing you can unlock that is any good for vehicles Japan wise.

Mortar kills are fairly easy to get in the Pacific, just make sure to bring two engineers in your squad and only use them to make ammo crates, also make sure you use the mortar squad when the objective is out in the open. When attacking, drop smoke in a line 10 meters in front of the point then drop a couple he rounds in the objective to soften them up and possibly get a few kills, best to bombard around the object to try and hit rally points and engineer structures. Like bombing runs, it is best to pace yourself until your allies are capping the point, then unleash the rapid fire minor adjustment random placement bombardment on the opposite side of the cap from where your allies are.

Or you could just ignore the mortar entirely and get easy kills with the boyz are and 50kg Japan at rifle with a couple easy flamethrower kills. Shrug

Really, all around the Pacific is the best place to do tasks as the life expectancy of soldiers is much higher than other campaigns because the vehicles have low yield payloads which pairs well with the open map design. I believe Tunisia would have been better, but for whatever reason there are just too many ally bot farmers with their Sherman’s that ruin any sense of fairness or fun.

Thanks for reading.

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Weird joke but okay

I forgot I wrote it up the other day when I was a bit tipsy, so not to let my strange efforts go to waste i just posted it to see what would happen. Not much apparently.

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That’s understandable.

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Wrong, just play custom match alone, you can’t kill tanks and planes without players though