How to create a Chinese army with ENLISTED custom squads?

I’m thinking of creating a Chinese army that can be used in custom games. Please give me your advice.


Use custom profiles.

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oh, hey there Ven.

glad to see you around here.

i really enjoyed your elaborated missions :slight_smile:

anyway, well. as it goes for making stuff, as our colleage baz said,
you’ll have to make profiles:

fair warning,
you can’t actually create the chinese army. mostly because enlisted does not have chinese voice lines or models.

however, you can make german profiles or use custom clothings of the german army to create ( or make an attempt ) some inspired uniforms of the chinese army.

through profiles, you can decide weapons as well.

it depends what do you want to do, whether you want players to use said specific equipment, or only bots.

:warning: it may affect your mods performance unfortunately :warning:

as it goes for the voice lines, you could ask Veekay or bigote ( not sure they are open for commisions though ) or make a voice line mod your self, and replace the french voice lines with chinese ones.

but if you want to go with it, and since you have showed your talents, i may be willing to land a hand here and there in case you are looking for custom made outfits and what not.

i could, if you need, recreate the following through entities.blk:

( minus the collar tabs unfortunately… )

and many more.

but the call is yours.


Ah, there you are! Went ahead and created some custom squads for you., along with custom guns.

chinawar.txt (467.1 KB)
chinawarbots.txt (337.1 KB)
entities.txt (2.4 KB)

Change chinawar.txt and chinawarbots.txt to chinawar.json and chinawarbots.json
Change entities.txt to entites.blk

Once you do that, insert them into your mod folder. Then open up the mod editor and create entites custom_profile and custom_bot_profile

After that, go into custom_profile and link the custom profile with the mod by typing in %ugm/chinawar.json and for custom_bot_profile, type in %ugm/chinawarbots.json

After that, build .zip file and upload to sandbox portal!

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It seems like an error has occurred and I can’t spawn.
This may also be due to the fact that the original landscape is Berlin.
Soviet and German elements may remain and cause errors.
Is it possible to identify any errors?

Error code
validateArmies: armies is absent

SIMchangshacity (2).zip (11.6 MB)

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I’ll take a look and see if I can fix it.

It was a spelling error, you accidentaly wrote _%ugm/chinawar.json instead of %ugm/chinawar.json.

You accidentaly put a space. (which is what the underscore represents)

Here is the fixed code: (11.6 MB)

MOD released!
That’s excellent!
I couldn’t have done it alone.
I will also release simulator versions for other Chinese fronts!
Please let me put your name in the MOD.
Thank you!
This custom squad will inspire me to create Battle of Shanghai!

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Yea sure! You can put my name in. Glad that I helped and made your mod better!

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Hey sorry it took so long, but here are those Chinese Squads for your Shanghai mod. (51.6 KB)